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Why We Love Soft Kids Underwear

When my son was a baby, all I wanted was for him to be comfortable. His needs were so simple, and it was pretty easy to keep him fed, warm, and dry. Everything that touched him had to be soft. The softest diapers, the coziest sleepers, the plushest blankets, and so many soft toys! His favorite was a hand-made angora kitten that he called “Kitty”. He loved the feel of her thick, soft fur, and hugged her tightly every night until he fell asleep.

One of our first jobs as parents is to provide a cozy, comforting environment for our children. Subconsciously, we try to emulate the soft cushion of the womb for our children. Think of how a baby feels floating in a sea of amniotic fluid; how wonderful it must feel to somersault, twist, and turn without interference. We can’t keep our babies in pools of water forever, but we can surround them with kitten-soft clothes and bedding.

Soft Kids Underwear

Kids Prefer Comfortable Clothes

And as our babies grow into toddlers, they continue to prefer soft surroundings. They let us know when we try to dress them in something uncomfortable. Kids instinctively resist rough fabrics, scratchy elastics, tight waistbands and cuffs. They rebel against things which cause discomfort, first with cries and whimpers, and eventually with that word nearly all children favor: “NO!

Some children are hyper-sensitive to the tactile sensations of rough materials, but all children know what is comfortable and what is not. We understand that they need sensory sensitive underwear and clothing which fit well and are made from fabrics which are smooth, soft, and supple.

Not All Cotton Is Soft Cotton

This is why it has always puzzled me that commercial underwear designed for small children is made from fabrics and elastics which are the opposite of soft. Most kids’ underwear you will find in the chain stores is made from very cheap cotton or cotton blends. The actual cotton itself is not high quality, and it is spun into yarns which are thin and flimsy. The fabric is thin, and multiple washings render it threadbare, stiff, and coarse. We take such care with our children when they are babies. Why, when they grow out of diapers, should we offer them underwear which is the opposite of soft and comforting? We need to find soft underwear for children.

Super Soft Fabrics Make Soft Children's Underwear

Fortunately, there is a choice. Lucky & Me clothing is made from materials selected for their soft, supple, and durable properties. The cotton is of the highest quality and feels smooth, soft, and comfortable against your child’s skin. This is due to the long cotton fibers which are twisted together to make soft, durable yarns.

When this cotton is paired with modal, it creates a cotton-modal fabric blend which is uncommonly cool to the touch, smooth, and very soft. The yarns made from modal are extremely soft because they are made from natural beechwood cellulose, which is extruded through tiny holes into long yarns to ensure the fibers are smooth. This process eliminates any rough fibers or uneven surface areas, creating the silky smooth texture.

An added benefit of modal is that mineral deposits from laundry detergents do not adhere to the fibers during washing. These deposits are what make cheap cotton fabrics become increasingly stiff after multiple washings. Modal is also 50% more absorbent than cotton, so modal-blended fabric is super absorbent, breathable and retains its vibrant color wash after wash. It’s the perfect soft fabric for comfortable children's underwear and leisurewear.

Comfortable Underwear for Children

Lucky & Me uses a nylon/spandex blend for active clothing. This blend provides the comfort and flexibility required for dance, gymnastics, and other activities. The nylon is soft and has wicking properties to keep young athletes cool and comfortable. The spandex component allows for the fabric to stretch and give to provide the perfect fit and maximum comfort whether your little one is practicing her moves on the uneven bars, performing hip hop moves at dance class, or climbing the monkey bars at recess.

Because these fabrics are of such high quality, they become softer and more comfortable with repeated washing and wearing. The elastics remain soft, and do not curl or twist. The fabrics become more plush and luxurious, and do not lose their color. Lucky and Me is focused on providing comfortable kids' underwear and leisurewear. Day after day, your child will want to wear their Lucky & Me clothing because they stay soft and grow more comfortable over time.

Liz Smith has worked across the globe for many of the world’s major apparel brands, including Victoria’s Secret, Chico’s, Justice, and Hanes. She has earned thousands of airline points and worn out several suitcases visiting factories in more than 20 countries to ensure that production is of the highest standard. Liz has managed all aspects of garment production, from design through fabric development to sewing and merchandising– so she knows what it takes to make high-quality apparel. Liz is thrilled to share her knowledge about clothes to help discerning customers choose the finest products.