Code of Conduct

At Lucky & Me, respect for all people and our planet is a cornerstone of our company. We are committed to providing a healthy, safe, fair, and non-discriminatory workplace for all workers producing our products. We strive to minimize the impact of production activities on our planet.

Compliance With Laws​

Compliance with all applicable local laws and codes is a requirement for all of our operations. This applies to all our activities regardless of where they take place.


At Lucky & Me, we believe in people. All those who work on our team – employees, customers, and production workers - are treated with respect and professionalism. We value empowerment and teamwork everywhere we operate. All employees and workers are treated with respect and dignity.

Health & Safety

At Lucky & Me, the health and safety of our employees, customers, and work force is paramount. We provide a healthy and safe work environment and insist that our vendors do the same in all their facilities. We follow strict guidelines and all applicable laws when it comes to the safety of our products. We go beyond legal standards when we believe it’s important to the quality of our products and the health and safety of the children who wear our clothing.


We value the planet we live on and strive to protect the air we breathe, water we drink, and land we live on. We use production methods that minimize environmental impact and increase sustainability. We hold our vendors to strict standards of compliance with local regulations. We require our vendors to implement environmental protection plans which serve to mitigate the impact of production on their surroundings.

Vendor Code of Conduct

These values guide us when choosing our vendor partners.  We follow ethical sourcing practices and require our vendor partners to follow all applicable laws as well as a set of established rules and guidelines as outlined in our Vendor Code of Conduct (“Vendor Code”).