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Tips for a Fun & Healthy Halloween

Does Halloween stress you out? Even in the best of times I find it a bit stressful. Should I buy the costumes, or make them? How much candy do we need? Is everything factory-wrapped and safe to eat? What should we do with all this leftover candy? Aagghh!! And that was before Covid!

Now, so many more questions: Is it safe to trick-or-treat? What about Halloween parties? Should we just stay home, shut the lights off, and watch a movie?

Follow these tips for a safe and fun Halloween for you and your little ones!

Trick or Treaters

It turns out many experts advise that taking the kids door-to-door may be the safest activity. Just follow a few simple rules.

Wear masks

No, that plastic clown mask with the big red nose doesn't cut it. Either incorporate a cloth or medical mask into your child's costume or have her wear one under her mask. (Except for children under 2 and individuals with medical contraindications.)

Ensure masks cover nose and mouth.

All the time.

Maintain social distancing

Keep six feet away from other folks. Wait for other groups to finish before you go up to a house.

Wait to be handed candy

Don't reach a hand into a bowl or container. Only take pre-wrapped candy.

Stay in your own neighborhood

Don't go to multiple areas. It's best to stay closer to home this year.

Stay home if anyone in your household feels sick

If anyone in your home feels sick or has any Covid-19 symptoms, or is immunocompromised - it's best to stay home. Spreading germs or risking a case of Covid is just not worth it.

Give Treats Safely

Wear a mask

Make sure to wear a cloth face mask covering nose and mouth.

Don't give out candy if anyone is sick

If anyone in your household is sick or has symptoms of Covid-19, don't give out candy this year.

Individually wrap baggies of candy

Put factory-wrapped candy in baggies and leave them out for kids to take rather than in a large bowl.

Hands-free candy delivery

Some folks are building elaborate candy delivery systems out of cardboard tubes.  Or leaving candy out on a table for kids to pick up.

Keep it clean

Disinfect high-touch areas such as railings, doorbells, and doorknobs. Consider leaving hand sanitizer out for kids to use before they go on to the next house.

Gatherings or Parties

Keep it outdoors

Outdoor gatherings with 6-foot distancing and mask-wearing are less risky than indoor parties.

Keep it small

One of the most confounding things about the current times is the lack of consistent guidelines. A town can prohibit gatherings that are permitted the next town over. The safest rule of thumb this year is to avoid gatherings with folks who aren't in your family or pod.

Stay Healthy

We all want our kids to have fun and enjoy life. So we hate to deny them childhood pleasures like wearing costumes and trick or treating. Ask your kids what they love most about Halloween. Maybe their favorite activity is carving a jack-o-lantern, or perhaps they look forward to eating treats that aren't allowed on other days. 

Find a way to incorporate their most loved traditions into your Halloween festivities this year - in a way that will keep you all safe and healthy.

For more information on general Halloween safety guidelines, read our blog post Halloween Safety Tips: Keep Kids Safe.