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Save the Environment by Purchasing Children's Organic Cotton Underwear

Organic is a word that is overheard in grocery store lines, at farmers markets, and even in clothing stores. From organic beef to organic bathroom cleaners, practically everything we see for consumption has the option of being organic. This also applies to organic children’s underwear and organic sleepwear. How can clothing be organic?

Going Organic With Children's Underwear and Sleepwear

Cotton is an all-natural product that can be grown using organic methods. Here at Lucky & Me, we made the choice to use the safest cotton for our collections of organic underwear and sleepwear. Given that this material rests against your little one's skin, you want to protect that skin from harsh chemicals and pesticide residue. This reduces irritation and absorption of dangerous ingredients through your child's skin.

As a result, Lucky & Me created the Gracie and Lily collections, made with organic cotton. You can protect the environment and live an eco-friendly lifestyle by choosing children’s organic cotton sleepwear and underwear for your child to wear.

Sustainability of the Planet

How is organic good for the earth? In order to save and protect the environment, plants, such as cotton, need to be grown in such a way that production will last for the longest amount of time. This means protecting the climate, water and soil from destructive chemicals or methods that will eventually deplete these natural resources.

By growing cotton organically, synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified seeds and deadly pesticides are not used. This goes a step further by protecting the farmers who plant and harvest the crops, as well as the animals and other plants living near crops.

After all, when a farmer has to use pesticides, there is the chance that the poison is going to enter his body. Fertilizers wash into runoff and contaminate streams that provide drinking water for humans, plants and animals. Organic methods avoid the use of anything that will harm living creatures. 

Organic Cotton Underwear Is Sustainable

When Lucky & Me set out to provide the highest quality and most affordable underwear for girls, organic cotton was the optimal fabric of choice. After all, protecting the environment ensures that our children will have a future world that is healthy and vibrant.

Choosing to sustain the environment by producing organic kids’ underwear goes along with your dreams as parents to give your children the best. By purchasing organic children’s sleepwear, you are saying no to poisons and pollution from conventional farming. Your purchase is an investment in your child’s future.

Additionally, you are teaching your child that the environment matters by making decisions to go organic — from organic fruits and vegetables to organic cotton underwear for children.

Support Organic Farmers

One of the biggest issues organic farmers contend with is the cost to go organic. A main reason that conventional farms use pesticides, fertilizers and genetically modified seeds is to create a cheaper product. For example, fertilizers help farmers grow cotton faster and in larger quantities. Unfortunately, fertilizers put an unnecessary strain on the earth’s natural resources, depleting soil and using far more water than typical crops.

For each purchase that you make of organic underwear for toddlers and active kids, you are actively investing in the organic efforts of farmers who are striving to protect the environment. Each pair of organic cotton sleepwear and underwear you purchase supports the social cause, and financial strain, of organic farmers.

Purchasing Organic Cotton Kids' Underwear

Here at Lucky & Me, we believe in this cause by providing high quality, yet affordable, girls’ organic cotton underwear in our Gracie and Lily Collections. Choosing organic shows your support for your child’s future planet. Learn more about how we are revolutionizing the market for children’s organic underwear from our next blog post in this series. Also, check our video Why We Use Organic Cotton for Our Lily Collection Underwear.


Benefits of Organic Cotton | Lucky & Me from Lucky & Me on Vimeo.


By Rochelle Perera. Rochelle is Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Lucky & Me. Rochelle is a mom who believes all children deserve comfy clothing. She grew frustrated with buying scratchy, badly-fitting underwear her daughter hated to wear and decided to take matters into her own hands. Rochelle has 20 years of experience in fashion, so she created Lucky & Me to offer parents comfy, quality, durable basics your kids will love. Rochelle enjoys bringing her expertise to our blog.