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7 Reasons Why All Kids Should Dance

It's obvious that your kids like to move. They’re creative and they like to have fun. Dancing for them is a no-brainer. But there are many more benefits that come with dancing that you may not even have thought about. Here are just 7 reasons why all kids should dance.

It burns off some of their seemingly endless energy

Dance gets their heart rates up and it also keeps their minds busy, so by the time they are out of the bathtub at night, they will be ready to snooze. This might just seem like a benefit for parents, but all that activity in their brains and their bodies is helping the kids learn and grow, so it’s really a benefit for parents and kids.

It makes their bodies smart

Kinesthetic intelligence is the capacity to manipulate objects and use a variety of skills. Basically, it means that your body moves in the way you want it to move, so you can become skilled in physical activities like sports and dance. Having these types of skills will not only enable children to succeed at these activities, but it will help to ensure great physical health throughout their lives. We all know that when you’re good at something, you tend to do it more. So if your kids get good at using their bodies, they’ll continue to use their bodies throughout their lives.

It improves social and communication skills

Dance encourages kids to copy the movements of their instructor, which helps to develop their social awareness skills and understand body language cues. A dance class fosters interaction and communication, and allows children to understand themselves in relation to the others around them. All of this gives kids confidence and boosts the development of their social and communication skills.

They can continue to dance throughout their entire life

There are forms of dance that people can continue well into their golden years. Many high impact sports like football and soccer have a shorter timeline as people age. It’s harder to continue playing these sports through adulthood and into the later years of life. With dance, someone can continue to enjoy it as a hobby well after they’ve hung up their cleats.

Dance boosts kids self esteem

In a dance class, kids are praised for doing a great job. They learn to listen to the instructor and take their turn, and feel happy when they accomplish something. Dance also teaches kids to keep trying when things are hard. After they’ve practiced a few times, and they start to get the hang of it, they can see the results and what they are capable of.

Dance has a positive impact on learning

According to a 2013 study by the NDEO and Art Works, "In schools where dance programs flourish, students’ attendance rises, teachers are more satisfied, and the overall sense of community grows.” Dance has proven to engage students and the community, and anything that can keep kids excited about learning should be valued greatly. It also helps children learn and practice empathy. When you watch someone else dance, you can often feel as if you are participating in the dance. This happens with kids too, even as they are sitting still. Learning to feel what other people are feeling is a very important skill for everyone, especially our children.

It’s fun!

You already knew this. Take some time today to dance with your kids!

Ella Dance Shorts | Lucky & Me from Lucky & Me on Vimeo.



By Stacey.