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When Kids Tend to Start Dressing Themselves and Tips to Help Them Along

When do kids start dressing themselves? Like every part of child development, the timing varies, and they can do different tasks at different times. Generally, by the time your child is 5, they can dress themselves start to finish without supervision, but there are many steps along the way to help them get there. Here are a few milestones and general ages when kids tend to hit them:

1 year old - Will help you put on clothes by pushing through arm and leg holes., and may be able to undress themselves if wearing loose clothing.

2 years old - They can undress completely (even their diaper.. yikes) and take off their socks and shoes. They also can pull their pants up and down, which makes this a good age to start potty training.

3 years old - They put on their clothes and shoes when laid out and supervised by you, but still need help with fasteners.

4 years old - They can button or snap their pants and zipper, put on their socks correctly, and even zip their coat.

5 years old - They can dress themselves without supervision.

6 years old - They can handle any type of fastener and tie their own shoes.

Some tips to remember:

Keep clothes comfy and easy to put on and take off. Not only will this make it easier, it will also get them excited that they can do it by themselves. When they get frustrated with snaps and buttons, it could discourage them from continuing to try. Look for clothing with elastic waistbands, velcro instead of buttons, and that is soft and stretchy.

Let them pick their clothes. You may want to make sure they aren't choosing from their pajama drawer, but letting kids choose their outfit empowers them to learn self-care. I've heard of parents that let their preschoolers choose between a handful of outfits, so that they get what they want but they don't look totally unruly.

Don't just do it for them. Sometimes you're running late and you just need the kid dressed, I get it. But make sure there is a time of day when your child can go for it without your help. It may be after bath time when they're putting on their jammies, or on a weekend when you're not pressed for time. You'll be surprised at what they can do when you back off just a bit.

When they do it (right or wrong), praise them! Their shirt is backward and inside out? Great job! They put their arms and head in the right holes, and that's a big accomplishment! When they are learning how to start dressing themselves, make sure you focus on the positives so they stay encouraged to keep trying. If you need to make sure their clothes are turned around, make sure they know they did a great job and that you just need to make sure it's comfy before you leave. 

By Stacey.