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Answers From Real Moms: "How Often do You Replace Your Kids Underwear and Why?"

There really is no authority on how often you should buy your kids underwear. In fact, when I was poking around the internet, I found a lot of moms asking other moms how often they buy. Underwear isn’t really a popular topic among parents during a play date. So I took to Facebook and put it out there. I asked a group of my own mom friends from across the country, how often they buy their kids undies and why.

Here are some of the responses I got:

"I hardly ever replace them. They get underwear for Christmas from their grandparents." - Lauren, Mom of 2

Grandparents, ftw! Underwear and socks seem to be a go-to gift for grandparents to buy. My kids' grandma even buys underwear and socks for my husband every year and he’s in his late 30s.

"Elle grows so fast I am always replacing her clothes. I usually get a few months out of something and she's already too big” - Jill, mom of a toddler

Didn’t we just buy you new ? Yes. I have said this many many times.

"My 3 1/2 year old son really enjoys choosing his underwear. He even likes to wear them over his night time diaper. We typically buy a new set every few months." - Meredith, mom of 2

I found that with my kids, underwear can be a really big deal. It’s a sign of them growing up!

"I usually have to buy new underwear for my kiddos a couple of times a year. Not only do they grow so fast, but my kids always seem to want the character underwear, which isn't always the best quality. With the amount of times they go through the wash, you often see them fading and falling apart rather quickly. - Jenna, mom of 2

Ahhh yes, we hear this a lot. So many reviewers have told us about how they celebrated when their kids started choosing better quality underwear over the character based undies that were in their drawer. A sampling from our reviews:

"She likes the girly prints, and I like that there are no obnoxious TV/movie characters."

“He has not put on another pair of any of his other underwear by choice (superhero or otherwise) since these came in."

From what I have seen from our customer reviews and feedback, here are the main reasons people replace their kids underwear.

They grow out of them.

Well this is obvious. If they don’t fit, they need new ones. Between the ages of 2 and 10, kids grow rapidly and steadily, gaining 5 to 7 pounds per year. This means they are growing out of their clothes every year (or sooner).

They wear out.

When they have a hole or lose elasticity. Underwear that is worn out can be uncomfortable or even cause rashes. I know I wouldn’t put on a pair of underwear that has a hole in it, so I won’t make my kids wear worn out underwear either.

They become uncomfortable.

We hear about kids underwear that digs into their skin and makes them uncomfortable. Sometimes the underwear has tags and is itchy. If your kids seem to be distracted by discomfort caused by their underpants, it’s probably time to get some new ones.

When it’s time for you to replenish your kids’ underwear drawer, we hope you’ll choose Lucky & Me! 


By Stacey.