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Kids Summer Camp Clothes: Ways to Keep Them Comfortable in the Heat

With little left of spring, we are all looking forward to the sunny days that summer has to offer. Summer camp is a time honored tradition for a lot of families but can come with some packing woes. Being out in the sun in the wrong clothing can ruin the day for anyone, but especially our little ones. When thinking of camping in the summer, the clothes we bring for our kids can make a big difference.

How to Plan Your Kids Clothing for Summer Camp

Probably the most important step is to check the weather. When thinking about how to pack for summer camp, how hot each day may get will likely depict what you choose to pack. Make sure you do more than simply check the predicted temperature. Also check the heat index, humidity and maybe even the pollen that day if your child has allergies.

Extra clothes are important when camping, especially when it comes to children. Multiple swimsuits, comfy t-shirts, softs and undies won’t go to waste. You never know what can happen while out in nature, maybe they enjoy come creek stomping or a good ol’ game of mud wrestling. With kids, the possibilities are truly endless so their wardrobes need to seem like it is too.

Pro Tip: Consider labels for your kids’ clothes. Nothing is worse than for another family camping nearby to leave with the wrong shorts or shoes.

kids playing tug of war summer camp

Choose Outdoor Summer Fabrics Carefully

As you build your summer camping clothes list, the type of fabrics are going to be key. Sad to say, not all cottons are created equal. The same can be said about most fabrics honestly. There are certain blends, treatments etc… that just won’t suit being out in the summer heat.

Breathable Cotton

You might think all cotton is breathable, but that just isn’t the case. Having a better idea of how cotton works, can help you decide which garments to pack for your kids.

Let’s start with which cotton is breathable and then work backwards. Always opt for things that are 100% cotton. Cotton itself is naturally breathable, but when it gets mixed with other fabrics they tend to lessen its breathability. Poly-cotton blends for example are some to steer clear of when choosing clothes for summer camping.

Pro Tip: Even with items that are 100% cotton, also look at the thickness of it. As the thickness increases, the breathability decreases.

Modal Blends

Made from beech tree pulp modal fabric blends are an eco-friendly textile that is not only lightweight but also stretchy. Perfect for the kids undies, make sure to include summer camping outfits that breathe well like modal.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

When camping in hot weather, sweating is inevitable. Being intentional to pack moisture-wicking fabrics. Outside of athletic wear you have quite a few options when you know what to look for.

While cotton is great at absorbing moisture it can take a while to dry. Here is where those cotton blends can come in handy. Still, you don’t want to go for anything poly-blends as mentioned above could also be less breathable. Modal cotton blends can be the perfect go between. As you can tell from our Lauren Tween Bike Shorts, modal cotton blends are lightweight, airy and sure to absorb any sweat that comes their way.

kids at summer camp

Top 7 Must-Have Summer Camping Clothes for Kids

Trying to figure out how to dress for camping in the heat of summer can be somewhat of a challenge. Especially when kids are involved. They often have their own ideas on what they should and shouldn’t be wearing. And while wearing their nylon raincoat may not be the end of the world, having plenty of other options to help keep them cool may aid in their decision making.

1. Tank Tops for Play

Like when mentioned above anything that is 100% cotton, or organic cotton should be on your list. Tanks like our Gracie Girls Organic Cotton Tanks are the perfect option. Pair with patterned shorts to make cute summer camping outfits she is sure to love. But more importantly, be comfortable, no matter that temperature.

2. Swim Trunks for the Lake or Pool

It just isn’t camping without a dip in the lake or pool. So of course swim gear is an essential part of any summer camp attire. And while there is not “perfect” swimsuit, make sure to stay away from blue and green colors when choosing one. These colors are notoriously harder to see underwear, which in an emergency could spell disaster.

Pro Tip: Red, yellow or orange are great colors for swimsuits as they are easily spottable.

3. Outerwear for Cooler Nights

When we think of summer we immediately see the sun beaming down on our faces. And while that is definitely true, once the night falls that can be a different story. What your child wears at night while camping in the summer will depend on where they are located, but in general it is best to pack light jackets, a hoodie or even some lightweight pants for those cooler nights.

4. Breathable Underwear

Something you may not even consider is packing breathable underwear. Undies are the foundation of any outfit and are closest to our bodies throughout the day. Having cotton undies with smooth seams for comfort are ideal for any kid who will be funny around in the hot sun all day.

Pro Tip: Pack a few different styles such as briefs, shorties, and bikinis to give plenty of options. Their go-to style may not fend well when put up against constant running, climbing trees or jumping. Unless of course your child is wearing Lucky & Me, as our undies are made to move with them, no matter the activity.

5. Quick-Dry Socks

Some of the best clothes for summer camping are those that dry fast. There is no doubt in our mind that kids will be just that, kids. Which means preparing for all the possible situations. From jumping in the lake fully clothed or creek stomping to dancing in the pouring down rain.

If there’s an opportunity for them to get wet, we don’t know many kids that would pass it up. Having quick-dry socks will ensure your kid can indulge themselves in whatever water play they like without having to change out their socks or wait hours for them to dry.

6. Hat for Shade

One hat, two hats, three, this is going to be one of those items you want to pack extras of. Outside of the obvious helping to keep the sun off their faces, hats are great for other reasons too. Hats help regulate body temperature, can be use as fans or even to hold back hair they may keep falling in their eyes.

7. Comfortable Shorts or Leggings

Our Kylie Girls Organic Cotton Bike Shorts are some of the most breathable and comfiest shorts around. Perfect for those hot summer days while camping. Lightweight leggings are also good to pack. These can be great when the sun has set and the cooler night air hits.

While we are sure there will be tons of items your child will like to take with them, not everything will be necessary. Think for example fleeces, flip flops, heavy denim clothing or any expensive jewelry. Kids summer camping clothes should be made with their comfort in mind. Remember to opt for light airy clothes that can also be used for layering during those cool nights and don’t be afraid to throw in some hiking boots should they decide to hit up some trails.

We hope this gives you a good idea of what to pack so your child can have the best adventures this summer. Happy days at summer camp to all the kiddos out there!