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7 Reasons to Consider Gymnastics for Your Toddler

We can all probably agree that gymnastics has benefits. Benefits that are compounded when it comes to toddlers. Honestly, gymnastics for kids in general is always a good idea. But when speaking about those smaller kiddos, it has multiple benefits and can quickly becomes the perfect solution for curious toddlers.

The perfect mixture of tumbling and improved self confidence. An awesome balance of strength training and hand-eye coordination. That perfect mixture of agility and structure that can lead to so many other things as our little ones grow.

girls doing gymnastics


7 Benefits of Toddler Gymnastics

1. Gymnastics Gets Kids Moving

This one may seem obvious, but it’s the depth of that movement that is worth mentioning. Aside from the normal running and tumbling that we may think of. Toddlers are forced to use muscles that may not otherwise get activated, when doing gymnastics. These same movements help to develop the skills necessary to be successful in other activities later in life.

When thinking of all the moving our little ones will do during gymnastics classes we may wonder what clothes would could keep up. We recommended looking for stretchy fabrics that will move with them, not restrict them. While also ensuring they are made with quality and comfort as a priority. Lucky & Me has a dancewear collection that moms love to shop for gymnastics.

2. Gymnastics Acts As a Gentle Introduction to Teamwork

Around age 2 to 3 is when children are no longer playing side by side. Instead they begin to play with each other. In fact, studies have shown that children as young as 3 years old can understand and even appreciate the value of teamwork. And gymnastics would be a great way to reinforce this new found appreciation.

3. Tumbling Helps Toddlers Burn Off Energy

As parents, but especially parents of younger children, anything that helps burn off some energy is always a win. Tumbling classes for toddlers is one of those activities. That good ol’ saying of “they’ll sleep good tonight” definitely reigns true after a rigorous time at gymnastics class.

4. Gym Activities Develop Grip Strength

As you may imagine, gymnastics for kids helps to build up their gripping strength by hanging from those bars and learning to swing. Developing this strength comes in handy later when learning to write, carrying large objects, or even turning pages in a book. All of which require fine motor skills to achieve.

5. Toddler Gymnastics Fosters Social Skills

This is especially true for Pre-K gymnastics. With it typically being our littles first experience in a school like setting, learning how to listen, share and help others means gymnastic programs cater not only to a toddler's physical development but also their social development.

6. Gymnastics Encourages Young Children to Listen Carefully for Direction

Toddler and listening well don’t typically go together in the same sentence, however if that toddler is in gymnastics then there is a chance that may not be the case.

You see, learning a gymnastics routine in these classes requires kids to use their mind and body. Helping the left and right brain to work together to achieve a goal. That time spent listening to their instructor and then practicing during classes will pay off in the long run at home.

7. Gymnastics Promotes Better Balance

Probably one of our favorite benefits of all, better balance. Being new to walking, running and movement in general toddlers are bound to fall down. But just like anything else, the more practice they have at moving their bodies the better their balance will become.

girl balancing on a rock

Are There Any Disadvantages of Gymnastics for Toddlers?

With so many benefits one would think gymnastics lessons for toddlers couldn’t possibly have any disadvantages. Sadly, that isn’t true. One of the main things to keep in mind is the increased possibility of injury. With any sport or activity there is always going to be some level of risk involved.

In those earlier days as they are figuring out how to swing on the bar or learning how to tumble they may fall down. They may get some bumps and bruises.

But please do not let this deter you from taking your little one to tumble. While there is caution to be had, you can rest assured that your toddler won’t be out on the high ropes or parallel bars from day one. These are skills that must be worked up to, gradually. We know, this won’t eliminate the risk to zero, but can significantly decrease it.

Best Age to Enroll in Toddler Gymnastics

This will depend on your goals. If you are looking to have a child who becomes an Olympic gold medalist then the sooner the better. With some gymnastic programs starting as early as 2 or 3 years old and serious classes starting around age 5.

But if you are looking for something to occupy their time and burn some of the never ending energy off occasional tumbling glasses around 9 months would be an awesome way to repeat some of the many benefits mentioned above.

toddler boy practicing his balance in gymnastics

Prepare Your Tumbling Toddler for Success

Preparing your little one for gymnastics doesn’t involve much. Once you’ve found the gym you’d like to take them to, next you’ll want to make sure you get gymnastics outfits for your toddler.

These should be active wear that has your tiny human’s comfort in mind, is made from soft fabric from a company that prioritizes fit and comfy above all else. Our dancewear products are the perfect toddler gymnastics attire. Made with wide waistbands to flex as your baby girl moves across the gym and minimal flat seams to offer the best in comfortability.

So, if you are like a lot of parents out there and hoping to encourage an activity that doesn’t include a screen, gymnastics for toddlers and young children is a great place to start. Not only will this help your toddler now, but as they grow the benefits will show even more.

Helping to prevent injury in the future because of improved balance. Being an early writer due to increased fine motor skills. Not to mention the increase in your toddler’s flexibility and social skills.

Placing any toddler in gymnastics is a recipe for success in a number of areas and a great way to start them on the path to an active, successful life.