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Knowing the Benefits of Organic Cotton

By definition, organic cotton it is a non-genetically modified cotton plant that is grown without the assistance of pesticide or fertilizers. Additionally, organic cotton is not bleached, washed, colored, or scented during the packaging process. Using organic cotton offers a number of benefits for your child as well as for the environment.

 Reduces Pollution

Unfortunately, growing conventional cotton takes a huge toll on the environment. On a yearly basis, it can account for up to 25 percent of the insecticides and 10 percent of the pesticides used in the entire world. This equates to 55 million pounds of pesticides being sprayed on only 12.8 million acres of cotton. These chemicals can wreak havoc on nearby environments, causing a number of harmful issues, such as different forms of blights, rots, and other plant diseases. Additionally, chemicals can make their way into surrounding water sources, leading to contamination of rivers, lakes, and other drinking sources. With organic cotton, no pesticides or insecticides are used at all - eliminating all of these problems and helping the environment stay in peak condition.

Improves Farmers' Health

Just as pesticides and insecticides hurt the environment, they can also hurt the farmers working the land. These types of chemicals are known carcinogens and typically cause around 20,000 deaths each year across the world. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 10,000 farmers succumb each year to cancer stemming from pesticide poisoning. Additionally, pesticides have been linked to reproductive disorders, birth defects, and weakened immune systems. Even worse, they can be particularly devastating for children, causing a number of different neurodevelopmental effects. By growing cotton without using these chemicals, farmers can lead long and healthy lives free from the terrors associated with pesticide poisoning.

Provides Increased Comfort

While preventing global pollution and widespread health issues are two noble causes, it's also important to focus on the immediate benefit of organic cotton - increased comfort. Even though conventionally grown cotton is thoroughly cleaned, many chemicals can still linger in the fibers. This often causes people to develop rashes and irritated skin. In severe allergic reactions, some people might even have headaches or dizziness.

Because it is untreated, organic cotton also retains much of the natural softness of the plant, making it smooth and comfortable against your child's tender skin and preventing them from having an adverse reaction. By using organic cotton in our products, we strive to provide your kids with the benefit of comfort while also helping to save the world. Currently, only one percent of the world's cotton is grown through organic methods. Hopefully, as consumers learn more about the benefits of organic cotton, this number can continue to grow in the coming years. Learn more about the benefits of organic cotton clothing for children in this video about our Organic Cotton Collection.


Benefits of Organic Cotton | Lucky & Me from Lucky & Me on Vimeo.


By Stacey.