Lucky & Me
2022 Impact Report

Letter From The Founders

2022 was an incredibly exciting year for Lucky & Me.

We kicked off the year with the launch of our Tween and Youth Collection (after many requests from our longtime customers), and ventured into babywear with our new Turkish cotton Baby Bodysuits.

We established a partnership with Cocotree Kids, a nonprofit in Massachusetts that provides new underwear to children in need. And in June, we launched our initiative to become a B-Corp, in line with our socially responsible mission as a company.

This year also had its share of challenges: ongoing pandemic-related supply chain issues, accelerated inflation as a result of the Russia-Ukraine War, and rising interest rates all meant we had to stay nimble and adaptable.

Looking back on the past year, we are filled with gratitude for everyone in the Lucky & Me community and we’re equally excited for what’s next. Thank you for helping us spread the joy of comfy!

May your little ones be Comfy Ever After,

Rochelle Perera & Kanishka Wijayasiri


Who We Are

Our Mission

We are committed to creating super comfortable and sustainable kidswear.

Made to last, our clothing is environmentally friendly and ethically produced through accountable supply chains, so that children can love their clothes and parents can shop with peace of mind.

A Little History

Founded in 2012, our company began when wife-and-husband team Rochelle and Kani left their corporate jobs to fulfill their dream of making better and comfier children’s clothing.

A Culture of Caring

Everything is possible because of our incredible team. We strive to hire the very best talent and we’re committed to nurturing a culture that is equal parts creative, collaborative, and caring.

Our Vision

To be the world’s most loved clothing brand for kids.


Our Customers Are #1

We’re Always Open To Feedback

At Lucky & Me, our customers are the absolute priority. We read every review and value every piece of feedback we receive.

Introducing Tween & Youth Sizing

For years, our most devoted customers asked us to expand our sizing, since their kids grew up in our underwear and wanted to keep wearing our styles as young teens.

With their feedback in mind, this year we successfully launched our Tween and Youth collection, expanding into sizes ranging 11-14 years old.

It was heartwarming to receive glowing feedback from our customers, and thrilling to see the styles fly off the shelves.


Caring For The Environment

Ethical Factories Only

From the start, Lucky & Me has focused on sustainability. We partner exclusively with factories that are mindful of water consumption, that avoid toxic chemicals, and that are safe for workers.

We work hard to get rigorous third party certifications so that customers can have confidence and peace of mind.

This January, we received the prestigious Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification – the #1 worldwide textile standard for organic cotton.

While COVID-19 prevented us from visiting our suppliers abroad, we look forward to returning to our partner factories in the near future.

Earth-Friendly Packaging

This year, we completely redesigned our packaging in our quest to be zero plastic. We replaced all our polyester bags with sustainably-sourced, FSC-certified paper trays and boxes (with fun sea creature illustrations!)

We are always looking for ways to improve the packaging and delivery process for both the customer and the environment.


Giving Back To Our Community

Our Partnership with Cocotree Kids

Kids underwear is one of the most needed but least donated items.

This year we established a partnership with Cocotree Kids, a nonprofit organization that provides free, new underwear to homeless shelters and youth-focused organizations in Massachusetts.

Every month, we donate new underwear to Cocotree Kids and we look forward to continuing our support.

Mentoring Future Leaders

It’s an honor and a privilege to participate in university workshops. These kinds of hands-on learning opportunities are essential for students to develop skills before they graduate.

This spring, we participated in the B Impact Clinic at the University of New Hampshire. We collaborated with a team of student consultants on the B Impact Assessment, which evaluated our environmental and social impact as a company.

In the fall, we also took part in the Marketing Workshop, a capstone course for Paul College marketing majors, where we shared our mentorship and professional experience.


Growing Sustainably

B Corp Initiative

This June, we launched our initiative to become a B Corporation – a rigorous certification for a company’s social and environmental impact.

“Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.”

As a part of this initiative, we implemented two new frameworks to help us stay adaptable and focused on our priorities.

Creating a Stakeholder Map

By creating a list of all our stakeholders and mapping out our relationships with them, we now understand more deeply how they impact or are impacted by our business.

This understanding guides our future interactions with stakeholders – such parents, children, and suppliers, among others – and helps us engage each group fairly and effectively.

Defining Key Progress Indicators

Customer satisfaction, environmental responsibility, and high labor standards have always been our priorities.

We have selected to use the following metrics starting in 2022:
● Percentage of Customers that Return
● Percentage of Products that are Returned
● Percentage of Products made in WRAP-certified facilities
● Percentage of Products made in GOTS-certified facilities

By defining these key progress indicators and creating a program map, we’ll be able to hold ourselves accountable as we grow.

The Future Is Bright (And Comfy!)

At Lucky & Me, we are dedicated to making a difference.

With our B-Corp initiative, new collections, ideas, and partnerships on the horizon, one thing remains the same: our commitment to quality and sustainability is unwavering.

We are truly excited for the future.