How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs


We can’t believe it’s already Easter! With all of the cold weather that we’ve been having on the East Coast, we are so excited for the warmer weather. One way to celebrate is to decorate Easter eggs in all sorts of fun colors. While we love our kids to participate in this interactive activity, we don’t dig the yucky dyes that are contained in most packaged options. An option we’re exploring this year is to naturally dye our Easter eggs using elements that are naturally found in fruits, vegetables, and spices. Check out a few recipes we found online, plus a natural DIY kit below:

How to Naturally Dye Easter Eggs

naturally dyed Easter eggs from Your Home Based Mom

1. We are so impressed by the natural eggs from Your Home Based Mom featuring cabbage, turmeric, beets and more. A clear guide to dyeing eggs, we love how she breaks down every step and provides little tips to make the process even easier.

natural dye easter eggs from better homes and gardens


2. Better Homes and Gardens also features some great tips on how to master natural Easter eggs. After you master this recipe, you’ll want to display these cool-looking eggs in a big bowl like they did.

natural dye easter eggs from kitchen

3. We love the Kitchn’s printable vibrant Easter egg recipe featuring purple cabbage, shredded beets, red onions and more.

natural dye easter eggs using turmeric


4. Mommy Potamus breaks down how to dye Easter eggs using every ingredients like turmeric, hibiscus, and beets. This super detailed post breaks down each step by color that is sure to help you to create the perfect hue per egg.

naturally dye easter eggs kit

naturally dye easter eggs kit

naturally dye easter eggs kit

5. Another option that’s eco-friendly and a little more user-friendly are eco-eggs from eco-kids. Made with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, curcumin, purple sweet potato and red cabbage, we love that they make it easy to safely color eggs at home via an organized kit. The kit also includes items where you can grow grass to display your finished eggs and eco-crayons for decorating the eggs.


How do you and your kids love to decorate Easter eggs? 

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