Layering Kids Clothing for Fall

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Layering kids clothing doesn’t have to be just for the winter.

Living in the Northeast, the changing of the seasons can be exciting. You can get some clothes out of storage, buy new outfits, and generally just enjoy the change in the air. In the fall, I love the feeling I get when the humidity has lifted and the air feels crisp and cool.

Dressing for the weather can become difficult when there is a 30 degree swing in the temperature within 12 hours. Next week, there is a day where the low will be 50 degrees and the high in the 80s. How do you dress your kids for the bus stop in the morning, and for their walk back home at 3pm? Answer: Layers.

When you think of layering you may think of keeping your kids warm when the temperatures are below freezing. But layering for the fall is a bit different and just as necessary.

50 degrees calls for at least a long sleeve shirt. But can you picture your kid walking home from the bus in that same long sleeve shirt when it’s 80 degrees at 3pm? This is why we need layers. Start every outfit with a tank top or a camisole. Next, choose a long sleeve shirt, with a vest or a light jacket on top. On the bottom, some leggings and a skirt. Now we have the perfect outfit for the chilly morning, and she can take off her jacket and even her long sleeve as the day heats up.

For the boys, layers are just as important. Start with a comfy undershirt, add a long sleeve and a light jacket or vest. Not only is this look stylish, but it covers all the bases in case of any large temperature swings.

Even as it gets colder, your kids’ classroom could be toasty during the day. Layering will allow them to stay comfortable no matter their surroundings. Not only is layering clothing comfy, it also makes them look more polished and helps to keep clothing looking nice for longer. Their undershirt will catch any sweat and salt, eliminating the need for any heavy duty washing for their outer layers.

This fall, keep your kids comfy and stock up on tanks and undershirts!

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