Girls Summer 2017 Style Tips to Keep in Mind

Hannah Girls Tunic Top - Lucky & Me Swing

Now that the chill of winter has faded away and the sun has reemerged, it’s time to start thinking about the happy days of summer. As the weather gets warmer, it will be time for your child to transition to their summer wardrobe. To help them stay in the cool crowd, keep in mind some of the following style tips that experts predict will be the highlight of summer 2017.

Whites and Pastels

Hannah Girls Tunic Top - Lucky & Me Two GirlsWhile whites and pastels like light blue, yellow, and pink, are usually a big hit for formal Easter-ware, many brands are also using these colors in more casual clothing. Both boys and girls can take advantage of this trend that highlights their innocence and youthful poise. However, just make sure you have a good laundry detergent on hand, as these shades have a propensity to collect dirt during playtime.

Tulle and Organza

kids dressing themselvesYour little girl can look like a princess with outfits in a variety of delicate fabrics, such as tulle and organza. Most likely, you’ll see these fabrics as dresses or skirts and they can often mimic the look and feel of a ballerina costume, which is great for little dancers.

Ruffles and Sparkles

When have ruffles and sparkles ever been out of style for kids? Regardless, they’re back in action this year as accent pieces on skirts and shirts. They help to add just a bit of sophistication to help your child feel more grown-up without going overboard

Rompers and Dress Shirts

Girls will get to take advantage of the comfort and convenience of rompers, as this style is making yet another comeback. Boys, on the other hand, will have to learn to be a bit more refined, as collared dress shirts are estimated to be all the rage. In particular, polo neck shirts and button downs with short sleeves are two of the biggest styles on trend.

Metallics and Denims

While they won’t necessarily be paired together, these two eclectic colors are big themes in children’s fashion this summer. From brilliant gold to sparkling silver, metallics will be seen in shirts, pants, and jackets. Denim, on the other hand, is a classic standby that might be seen in lighter variations than the standard dark blue hue.

Lace and Ribbons

Jada Girls LeggingsEmbellishments are always big in kid’s clothing, so this is really no surprise. In addition to lace and ribbon frills, expect to see other kinds of embroidery and accents to help kids look and feel more sophisticated. These embellishments might also add a pop of color and fun to otherwise plain or quiet outfits.

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