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The Ultimate Boy and Girl Underwear Styles Guide for Kids

Kids Underwear Shapes Explained

Choosing the perfect girl underwear style or boy underwear style for our kids can be a challenge. Kids have their preferences, am I right? Some girls love dresses, and others will only wear leggings. Some kids love bananas, and others can’t stand the smell of them. Sometimes it seems we spend our days catering to our children's whims.

But when it comes to comfort, it makes sense to listen to our kids. And the potty-trained child will definitely let you know what style of underwear is most comfortable. Because while there can be a confusing array of choices – you want to choose the style which best suits your little one.

The Best Kids Underwear Styles - How to Decide

It might take a bit of trial and error – but you probably have some clues already based on what your child likes to wear. Some kids prefer long sleeves, while others don’t like the feel of too much fabric and insist on short sleeves. Some kids have sensitive skin and don't want the feel of elastic around their legs. And others want the modesty and security of fuller clothing styles.

Kids let us know what they like even when they are very small. So we’ve developed this guide to help you decide which style of underwear is most likely to cause your child to say “I like these – they are comfy!”

Underwear Shapes Guide for Kids

Girl Underwear Styles

Briefs: The brief is a classic and timeless underwear shape. It’s cut a little bit full, with a higher rise and wider waistline than the bikini. The Lucky and Me brief fit is perfect for the girl who desires a moderate amount of coverage. The leg opening is placed and designed to provide comfortable security. This style is made for coverage and comfort and is ideal for any situation.

Bikinis: The bikini style of panty sits a little bit lower on the waist, with a narrower side seam and shorter rise. This style is perfect for the minimalist girl who likes a panty to do its job without a lot of fabric. And the bikini’s waistband placement is just more comfortable for some girls.

Boyshorts: The boyshort style is constructed more like a boy’s brief – the legs come a little bit down the thigh. The boyshort shape has a longer rise and higher waistband than our brief. Many girls love the boyshort shape for the slightly lower leg opening that provides secure comfort under anything. This panty style is a comfortable option that provides the most coverage and is perfect for modesty and style.

Hipster: The hipster style is the perfect one for girls who like full coverage but want the waist band to sit just below their waistline. This style has wider side seams and a bit more coverage than the bikini. The hipster style can be especially comfortable because the hipster’s lower rise ensures the waistband will not double up with another garment. This is especially desirable for the budding gymnast or dancer. As an added bonus, the waistband will not show!

Shortie: The shortie style provides the most modesty of all girl underwear styles. This shape is perfect for girls who need an added measure of security under dresses and skirts. The shortie also prevents ride-up due to the longer leg length of this style. This style is perfect for girls who prefer maximum coverage and comfort.

Boy Underwear Styles

Boy's Briefs:The boys brief is shaped just like the traditional men’s brief that many dads wear. The brief is designed for fit and comfort. This style is perfect for the boy who likes the security of a brief without any additional fabric. The leg and waist elastic are positioned for maximum comfort and flexibility. 

Boxers:The boxer is based on the traditional men’s boxer and can be found in knit or woven fabrics. The wider and longer leg length of the boxer is ideal for boys who prefer a loose and comfortable fit. There is no leg elastic to bind or restrict the boy who wants total freedom.

Boxer Briefs: The boxer brief style combines the best of brief and boxer qualities. The fit is closer to a brief, with the longer leg length of a boxer. The boxer brief leg is snugger than the boxer, with leg elastic to help keep the fabric in place. This style is ideal for the boy who wants a little more coverage but doesn’t like the feeling of a boxer’s loose fabric. The knit fabric provides some support, and the leg elastic provides comfort and security.

Now that you know more about underwear shapes for girls and boys, you can decide which shape will suit your child best. And check out our sizing guide to determine the right size for your child.

We want you and your child to be thoroughly satisfied. That's why at Lucky & Me we have a Comfiness Guarantee. If you’re not in love with your purchase, don’t sweat it. Let us know within 30 days, and we’ll happily give you a full refund with free return shipping.


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