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8 Things That Moms Just Know

Moms are special. We all know this. Some mom skills come natural and some come with practice, but everything they do is pretty amazing. In honor of Mother's Day this weekend here are 8 things that moms just know.

Where to find your keys, toy, notebook, favorite headband, you name it.

Moms have some sort of crazy visual memory when it comes to where things are located at a specific moment in time. As kids, we would look for something for hours with no luck, and our mom would find it in 5 minutes. I’ve even had my mom tell me to open a drawer, and she directed my eyes to where they needed to look in order for me to find something. “Down, down, left, there. Find it?” It was incredible.

Now that I’m a mom the same thing happens. I know every dinosaur figurine by name and where my child can find it at any point in the day. I can tell my husband the exact couch cushion the Apple TV remote probably slipped underneath. It’s an unexplainable gift.

When the kids are exhausted before they are showing signs of it.

Meltdown in 3… 2… 1… Moms know all the warning signs of an exhausted child, even when they are still all smiles. It’s almost like they can feel what their kids are feeling as their energy runs out. A mom will do the groceries in 15 minutes flat to get that child home and into bed before the meltdown hits.

When my two little guys come out of the bath and get into their PJs, I feel a calmness come over me. I’m relieved that they are going to be able to go to bed soon. Not just because I’ll get a break, but because I know they need it.

What the two year old just said.

Dad: "Did he just say he wants a puppy?" Mom: "I think he wants the iPad." Moms have this unique skill that is hearing a little one’s language as if it is fully developed, even when no one else around knows what the heck they are saying.

Which newborn cry means what.

One of the biggest fears a lot of women have when they are on the brink of becoming a mom is if they will know what they are doing. How will I know when to feed him? Change him? Put him to bed?

Once we’ve made that transition into a mom, it’s amazing how quickly it all kicks in. When you have a newborn, and you’re with them 24 hours a day, how could it not? Of course there are those times when the baby cries for literally no reason. And that's when mom just has to breathe.

What it’s going to take to get the kids dressed and ready.

We have to be pulling out of the driveway in 20 minutes and the kids are still in bed? That's when mom turns into the enforcer. You'll never see a kid put on his shoes so fast.

Where all the good snacks are hidden.

Come on. There is NO WAY my child would be able to consume all that Easter candy on his own. It either goes into this cabinet that the kids can't reach, or into the trash bin. And we all know it's not good to waste food.

That they look ridiculous more times than not.

And they know that’s okay. I know I'm officially old because one of my favorite stress relievers is cleaning the house while blasting pop music and singing at the top of my lungs. The kids usually join in. The amount of fun we have is totally worth the risk of the neighbors hearing and thinking I'm a lunatic.

What matters most.

At the end of the day, every day, when the kids are happily snuggled in bed, moms get this feeling of total contentment. No matter what else went on that day, or what stresses you're dealing with, feeling like that in that moment makes everything worth it.

Every day is Mother's Day when us moms can take a step back and see just how much fun these days are. (But Sunday is the actual Mother's Day so make sure you do something extra special anyway). 

By Stacey.