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Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas for Kids this 2023

The holidays are such a fun time for families. Relatives are visiting, winter break is in full swing, and fun fall colors surround us. It's also when we want to dress our kids in cute holiday-themed outfits. And while clothes for kids in 2023 have changed from what we may be used to growing up, that doesn't mean we should shy away from dressing our kids up for Thanksgiving. Reflecting on everything we are grateful for while coming together as a family is a time-honored tradition during the holidays. Similarly, getting kids all dolled up in cute outfits is something parents have been doing for ages. So no matter what style you choose, even if it's something different from what others believe to be appropriate, we say dress them up.

Thanksgiving is November 23 this year, so there is still plenty of time to decide what our children will wear. Whether you want something that screams fall, have a bubbling fashionista, or are just looking for a stylish but practical outfit, this post covers all that and more.

kids wearing thanksgiving outfits

Classic Thanksgiving Styles

Thanksgiving wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the classic sweater for boys, and girls dolled up in their beautiful dresses. Even if this isn't your style, we can all agree kids look adorable all dressed up.

kids wearing thanksgiving outfits

Take a page from this mom's book and opt for classic mixed with a little comfy. Jeans are the perfect accessory for all types of classics. Be that a cable knit sweater or a fall-colored button-up—layered underneath with a Logan Boys Classic Tees for the perfect warmth and comfort.

We can't think of anything cuter than a sweater over a tutu or formal dress. Just the right touch of classic with a pinch of personality thrown in. Adding Jada Girls Leggings to get your lace fix while keeping her comfortable would be a good idea, too.

kids wearing thanksgiving outfits and headbands

Festive Accessories and Details

Holiday accessories can bring any outfit together. Add turkey headbands or happy Thanksgiving earrings for a fun form of self-expression. We can't forget about bow ties for our little men. What young gentleman wouldn't look handsome with the added touch of a bow tie and Thanksgiving-themed socks?

kids wearing thanksgiving outfits

Boots are another accessory that can add just the perfect detail this fall. They are often more comfortable than dress shoes and often more practical than sneakers in the fall. Boots are the perfect shoe to play in the leaves or stomp through puddles on rainy fall days. Dress them up with cute lace socks or down with jeans and a sweater.

When it comes to accessories, there is no wrong answer. Have fun, and let the kids join in. If she wants to wear two big bows with her pretty dress, let her. If he'd rather have that blue tie instead of the red one, why not? As much as we enjoy dressing our kids up, ensuring they are having just as much fun is crucial. Giving them a little say here and there can keep those tantrums to a minimum and boost their confidence.

kids wearing thanksgiving outfits

Cozy and Stylish: Mixing and Matching

Parents looking to break away from the more traditional approach of Thanksgiving attire might consider mixing and matching as a fun way to achieve that. Combining patterns with stripes can be whimsical yet stylish. Another idea would be to mix and match styles all together.

kids wearing thanksgiving outfits

Maybe your little one wears a leather jacket over her sweater dress. Or you can add a beanie and sneakers to his otherwise formal outfit. If your holiday gathering will have some outdoor time, layering Gracie Girls Organic Cotton Tanks can keep your daughter warm.

family wearing thanksgiving outfits

Family Thanksgiving Outfits

One of our favorite aspects of any holiday gathering is family outfits. Coordinate with your little ones by picking a color scheme (two to three colors that go well together), or have the entire family match. You can't go wrong with either direction.

family wearing thanksgiving outfits

If coordinating is more your style, picking one staple color or garment (think everyone wears jeans) is a fun and easy way to execute this trend. And for our matching families, whether it's everyone wearing the same color or the same pattern, this trend is an easy way to have the entire family looking stylish for Thanksgiving celebrations.

kids wearing thanksgiving outfits

Turkey Themed Outfits

Parents of little ones may want to dress them up as turkeys for this year's festivities, and it's an adorable way to celebrate. We say go all out, from My First Thanksgiving outfits to turkeys on their onesies. They are only this little for so long; get all the turkey pictures you can!

While Thanksgiving is a time to connect with family, it is also fun to dress the kids up and show off their adorable outfits. As parents, we don't need to feel pressure to do things how they've always been done. Adding holiday accessories, mixing and matching styles, and allowing our kids to experiment with their style is just as acceptable.

family with kids wearing thanksgiving outfits