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Fashion Hacks for Busy Parents: Quick and Stylish Outfit Ideas for Kids

As hard as it can be to admit sometimes, our children truly have their own way of expressing themselves. Especially when it comes to their clothes. Not only are they looking to be super comfy, their outfits need to be just as stylish. However, if you’re a busy parent trying to make it out of the house on time; something quick and easy for them to throw on is probably where you’d land. So what’s the solution? It’s not like quick and stylish are usually two descriptions we’d give anyone’s outfits.

Surprisingly enough though, those are two things that can coexist. And it starts by finding clothes that are not only comfortable, but staples that can be paired with just about anything. This is a sure fire way to give our kids the freedom to express themselves while still making it to school drop-offs on time.

Stylish Everyday Outfit Hacks

When it comes to everyday wear, there are certain staples all kids need. Cute tees, soft flowy dresses, and easy to put on bottoms are a great place to start. Simple t-shirts can be worn with jeans, bike shorts, leggings or even layered over dresses for a new look.

Comfortable dresses are one of those versatile items that truly can cover most seasons. Paired with shorts and sandals for springtime fun or layered with leggings and long sleeves for the perfect fall outfit.

And no one wants to struggle in the mornings when trying to get dressed. Jeans, while amazing for adults, may not always be best for kids. Especially if trying to achieve a quick and stylish outfit. Instead opt for buttery soft leggings, patterned bike shorts or fun skirts.

Quick Hack:

While staples may not seem like the most stylish, jazz them up with accessories. Cool patterned socks, funky shoes, hats, and even adorable hair accessories are all ways to bring personality into any outfit.

Girls in Field

Formal Occasions Don’t Have To Be Style-less

Attending a wedding or other formal occasion can present a challenge for kids when it comes to self expression. Fashionable and formal do not always coincide well, however as parents that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to make it work.

Fancy dresses with lots of tulle or lace can bring style to any occasion. Look for dresses that can be used multiple times to make it more budget friendly as well. Maybe the dress has a cover that can be removed for a more casual look? Or perhaps adding a graphic tee over it can change its look completely, making it perfect for an everyday stylish outfit.

Tights aren’t always the most comfortable garments to wear, especially in the summer months. Opt for shorts under their dress and cute socks. Bring in some flare with accessories such as an adorable purse, glittery jewelry or fun hair bows and ties.

Quick Hack:

Allow for some choice when it comes to picking the outfit for the big day. This can be done in a number of ways, such as giving three options and allowing your child to choose which they like best. Doing so can keep the arguments low while boosting self-esteem and confidence.

Girls in Dance Shorts

Active Times Call For “Active” Wear

What do dance classes, days at the park, and hanging out in the backyard all have in common? They can all be done while wearing some type of activewear. Times when our kids are going to be moving the most call for clothes that can meet the occasion. Clothing made from quality materials that is comfortable no matter what the activity. No kid wants to be fidgeting with their clothing all day long, so starting with a solid foundation is always key.

When looking for clothes for these more active moments, cotton blends will often offer more stretch. Don’t forget antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties to truly keep them comfortable as they move about.

Quick Hack:

Look for underwear that are made with comfort in mind. We want them to move with our children, allowing for all day play and even better if they come in cute designs!

Easy Outfit Hacks for The Changing Seasons

When it comes to dressing your child some seasons can be easier than others. Summer means shorts and tanks while fall is sweater weather. Depending on how stylish the outfit, finding ways to help our children express themselves may present a challenge. Simple hacks like layering tops, colorful socks that go over leggings or jeans, and cute beanies can really help bring some life into what may be otherwise a pretty boring outfit.

Letting our kids have fun with their outfits no matter the season is one of the easiest ways to help them build their confidence. And if the school they attend has uniforms, that doesn’t mean their coat, bookbag, hair accessories or more can’t be just as full of life as they are.

Bedtime Doesn’t Have To Be Boring - Fashionable Sleepwear for Kids

Pajamas may not have all the frill of tutus and bows but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. While bedtime is no expectation in that pj’s need to be just as comfy as they are adorable, finding fashionable sleepwear may not be the easiest.

The more we include our children the better the outcome, so when possible always try to help them pick out their sleepwear. Cute patterns and fashionable colors are plentiful. It’s just a matter of making sure it’s something our kids will actually find just as adorable as we do.

Top Editor’s Picks

We can give all the hacks in the world but nothing beats having reviews / examples to go off of. And while all of these may not work for your child, we hope it gives you a good starting point.

So before we dive in, let's talk about how we made our picks. The three key things we looked for were quality, comfort and fit.


Are the products made of quality fabrics that are known to work well for children. Do reviews suggest these products last long, don’t lose color after a few washes, and are super soft to the touch?


For comfort we looked for clothing that had bonded seams, encased waistbands and a comfort guarantee. Sensitive skin calls for extra special care and companies that choose to put our children’s comfort first made this list!


Lastly, but most importantly, how do they fit? Are children fidgeting all day due to wedgies? Do the products run true to size so parents don’t have to “guess” at checkout? And how long will they fit? Clothing that shrinks after a few washes were removed from our top picks as well.

Now that we’ve covered our basis let’s just right in:

1. Kyle Organic Bike Shorts - Crafted from 94% certified organic cotton with a touch of spandex for the perfect amount of stretch, they are tag-free, have a fabric enclosed waistband, and are made with flat seams to ensure smooth, sensory friendly comfort. Pair them with a comfy tank for the perfect summer outfit, or wear them under dresses and skirts.

2. Emma Girl’s Camisole - This super stretchy camisole with adjustable straps provides flexible comfort for little girls on the go. Ideal for both layering and flying solo, the Emma Camisole is a versatile underwear piece for every little girl’s wardrobe. Emma offers flexible comfort in the form of super stretchy and lightweight fabric. No bunching or shifting will get in the way of playtime when Emma is around. Adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit while a longer length provides just the right amount of coverage. So comfortable and luxuriously soft, she’ll want to wear this cami with every outfit.

3. Bella Briefs - Barely-there seams formed with ComfySeam™ bonding technology make this classic brief panty the ultimate in girls underwear comfort. Instead of being sewn together, our super soft tri-blend fabric is fused together using advanced adhesives—bringing high-end sportswear innovation to kids undies for the first time. The result is barely there seams that are practically stitch free, except for a couple of minimally stitched areas for reinforcement. The Bella is soft and smooth, with a fit that is absolutely perfect every time. As one of our little reviewers exclaimed, “It’s like wearing a cloud!” We couldn’t have said it better.

4. Layla Dance Shorts and Layla Racerback Cropped Tank - If you’ve got a ball of energy on your hands, the Layla Racerback will match her exuberance with style and flair. Super smooth and stretchy, this racerback style girls sports bra allows for free and easy movement whether she’s dancing, tumbling, or simply playing. With a double layer front that adds coverage and support to help her feel confident, and minimal flat seams, this training bra is suitable for little athletes to wear solo or layered under a top. Pair the Layla Racerback with our Layla Dance Shorts for a perfectly coordinated look.