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You Owe it to Your Kid to Buy Organic Undies. Here's Why.

Your skin is the largest organ on your body. It accounts for approximately 15 percent of your body weight and covers an area of two square meters. Despite its importance, though, we often do surprisingly little to protect it. More, many of us cover our skin in chemical-saturated contaminants with cotton that has been wrinkle-proofed, dyed, bleached, and fireproofed. The chemical remnants from these processes can cause irritation, bacterial growth, and even cancer.

Lucky & Me recognizes this isn't how we want to treat our kids' skin. That's why we've produced 100 percent organic underwear at an affordable price. Need more convincing? Here are three key reasons you should make the switch to organic undies.

Organic Cotton is Healthier.

By comparison to conventional clothing that can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, organic underthings are a healthier option. Organic apparel also reduces the likelihood of respiratory problems and smells better. Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton absorbs your sweat and the toxins released from your body. Not only does this reduce smell and increase cleanliness, it feels far fresher. Thanks to its breathability, it also lessens yeast and bacteria growth.

The process to make conventional cotton wearable includes chemical cleansers and harvest and dye machines that contain heavy metals. Alternately, organic cotton is harvested by hand, dyed with natural colorants such as clay, and cleaned in natural cleansing products. When you wear clothing that is treated with chemicals, you can transfer those chemicals to other areas of your household. Bedding, furniture, towels, and other clothing can easily pick up the chemicals. In extreme cases, this can lead to skin cancer.

It's worth nothing that on the surface, non-organic clothing has one distinct benefit: flame-retardant treatment. In theory, this is a great thing because it means your child is slightly protected should a fire occur. However, the chemicals used to fireproof the clothing, including PBDEs, has been linked to a variety of health concerns, such as the early onset of puberty, hormone disruption, and developmental delays. Over 80 percent of children's items tested contained these chemicals, which was also found in the blood and urine samples of children and in breast milk.

Organic Cotton Lasts Longer.

Conventional undies have a tendency to become thin, stretched, and torn at an alarming rate. Not so much with organic cotton. Research has shown that the traditional underwear tends to break down after 15 to 20 times through the washing machine. In the same tests, organic undies lasted up to five times as long. The fabric's antimicrobial properties also repels mildew and mold.

Organic Cotton is More Environmentally Friendly.

Conventional clothing is responsible for a quarter of insecticide use and 10 percent of the pesticides used throughout the world despite being grown on a mere 3 percent of the total cultivated land. Cotton ranks fourth among the most heavily fertilized crops. This overuse of chemicals has resulted in tremendous environmental pollution. By not using these products, organic cotton contributes positively to the health of our water and land and helps conserve our earth's biodiversity.

Choosing to dress your child in organic cotton not only makes sense for your child's health but also that of the environment and your pocketbook. Lucky & Me sells organic cotton underwear for kids. We choose playful patterns that don't rely on cartoon characters or other commercialization to look good. Choose organic. Choose Lucky & Me. 

By Stacey.