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30 No-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids That They’ll Love

Spring time is quickly approaching, which means the Easter Bunny and all his candy will be hopping into our homes soon enough. But if you are still recovering from this past holiday season’s sweets, no shame there.  And if you’re looking for some non-candy Easter basket ideas that still bring the fun, then we’ve got you covered.

Wanting to avoid another sugar rush and fill the kids baskets with easter gifts that aren't candy can actually be fun. From clothing and accessories to enrichment activities and snacks, here are some candy-free Easter basket ideas listed conveniently by category.

easter basket with socks and easter bunny

Non-Candy Ideas Kids Can Wear

1. Socks

Despite our best efforts, kids always manage to have a drawer full of mismatched socks, which means they can never have too many. Get festive and grab those cute Easter-themed socks or find a pair with their favorite characters.

2. Underwear

At Lucky & Me, we’ve got this no-sugar Easter basket idea covered. Our underwear are made from some of the softest fabrics around, many styles constructed with fabric covered elastic waist bands and flat seams, plus they’re all tagless. Did we mention we have a comfiest guarantee? There’s really no way you can go wrong. 

The Gracie Girls Organic Cotton Briefs are a big fan favorite among our moms. And we can’t forget to mention the Nolan Boys Organic Cotton Boxer Briefs, another top pick for our parents. No matter what dress time struggles a child may have, we have something for everyone.

3. Leggings

Available in an array of colors and lengths, our Kylie Girls Organic Cotton Leggings and Jada Girls Leggings are sure to be appreciated by all ages. Whether on the go, wanting to be extra stylish or both, our leggings are lightweight, ultra breathable, and so soft. Combining comfort, style and the perfect fit!

4. Tops/T-Shirts

From camisoles, tanks, or short sleeve t-shirts, this one can go in many directions. Follow their lead and fill the baskets with things they’d be the most comfortable in. Our Logan Boys Tee is made of soft stretchy fabric that sits comfortably while he conquers the day through play. 

And if you’re shopping for the little girl in your life, our Emma Girls Camisoles, Gracie Girls Organic Cotton Tanks & Camisoles, or Hannah Girls Flare Tops have a variety of lengths for the perfect layering. 

5. Hair Ties

Not all Easter egg hunts have to include chocolate or sweet treats! If you’re looking for non-candy ideas to fill Easter eggs, hair ties can be a great alternative. Keep it simple and opt for black elastic hair ties that anyone can find a use for, or go big and fill those eggs with scrunchies. You really can’t go wrong here.

6. Hats

The best thing about hats? It can double as a basket! Fill a baseball cap with books, our comfy tees, and other toys for a unique Easter “basket” that is sure to excite any kid!

Not into baseball caps? Bucket hats, sun hats or even straw hats could all work!

image of girls playing with stuffed animals

Non-Candy Basket Fillers Kids Can Play With

7. Bath Toys

Bath toys have come a long way since we were kids. Sure those cute rubber ducks, boats, or fish are still loads of fun. But if you have an older child, think fizzing bath bombs, bath crayons, or even colorful bath drops that turn the water into a rainbow.

8. Finger Puppets

Amazing for encouraging creative play, this is an easter treat that keeps on giving, unlike candy. With finger puppets kids can make up their own stories or re-tell their favorites.

Bonus: this is a great toy for road trips!

9. Glow Sticks

This basket stuffer brings all the fun. Easy to find, at inexpensive places like a dollar store, they provide many opportunities for play.  Make the bathtub glow, build a colorfully lit blanket fort, create a glow in the dark dance routine and so much more.

10. Lego Set

Fun, family and hidden Easter eggs are all parts of Easter. Which is why this year why not fill their baskets (or eggs) with a Lego set. No matter your kiddos age there is sure to be a set perfect for them!

11. Stuffed Animal or Figurine

Stuffed bunnies are typically the go-to when it comes to Easter, but feel free to use this as a chance to get creative. A cuddly unicorn,  their favorite action hero, even a dinosaur. No need to feel constricted by the holiday mascot. The options here are endless.

12. Jump Rope

Kick it old school and have the Easter bunny gift the kids a jump rope. Don’t forget to join in on the fun and show them all the games you played as a kid. A simple and fun way to get kids moving, just make sure they don’t beat you at double dutch.

Candy-Free Easter Treats Kids Can Still Eat

Just because you are choosing to leave candy and sugary treats out of their Easter baskets doesn’t mean that you can’t include some fun snacks and other tasty options. It’s all about balance here.

13. Juice with Cute Toppers

These are a great way to add some fun and hydrate the kids after hunting for eggs. We’ve seen these juices all over the place lately. From Target to Walmart and even some at the dollar stores. A few even come with a small toy, so be mindful of the child’s age if you do choose this one.

14. Fruits Snacks

We’ve yet to find a child who doesn’t love fruit snacks and with so many varieties this one is in the bag. Literally.

Bonus: Use them to fill the eggs for the Easter egg hunt as well!

15. Snack Cups

These Easter basket stuffers are a great non-candy idea. There are tons of ways to go about this too. From fruit cups such as peaches, mandarin oranges or mixed fruit to pretzels, cheese and grapes or crackers. Turn just about anything into a snack cup. 

16. Granola Bars

A great on-the-go snack is granola bars. Stock up on the favorite, or try something new.  Just don’t forget to include them as a gift from the Easter bunny!

17. Bunny Trail Mix

Trail mix is a wonderful snack because it’s so customizable. You can buy all kinds or make your own. Get creative and for their Easter baskets, call it Bunny Trail mix. They can eat it while hopping down the bunny trail!

18. Fruit Puree Squeeze Pouch

Another Easter basket filler that’s still a treat, even if it's non-chocolate. With a wide variety of flavors and brands, you can find the ones that suit your dietary needs and kids’ preferences.  And if you’re up to it, make your own. Maybe hide a few veggies in there too. If the kids catch you, just tell them it's for the Easter bunny so he can hippie hop to the egg hunt.

No-Candy Easter Basket Ideas to Get Kids Outside

Winter is finally over, and the groundhog even agrees, which means more outside activities. So let’s get the kids outside with some basket stuffers that can turn up the fun all summer long!

19. Bubbles

Bubbles are a wonderful, inexpensive, and easy outside activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. Whether it's a bubble machine, just playing pop the bubble, or taking some time to relax by simply watching the bubble float in the breeze. Do what works best for you and your energy levels.

20. Chalk

Take the art outside and make the sidewalk a colorful masterpiece by gifting chalk this year. Challenge the kids to draw their favorite Easter memory, or create new ones while you guys decorate the entire sidewalk.

21. Binoculars

Got a bug lover? Does your child love hiking? Help them explore the outdoors and pack some binoculars in their baskets. Spring is when nature comes alive after a long winter, use this as a learning opportunity that can last for a lifetime.

Bonus: Binoculars are another fun gift that can be utilized while traveling. Whether on a road trip, taking a train for flying!

22. Insect Collection Kit

Learning about the life around them can give kids a new appreciation. Watch them as they gaze in awe as their caterpillar becomes a butterfly and spreads its wings. Help them learn the life cycle of any insect ( and their importance in our ecosystem) while also tapping into their curiosity.

23. Beach Toys

Shovels, boogie boards, beach games such as frisbee and paddle ball, to the perfect shapes for their sand castles, beach toys are one of those ‘treats’ that can be used over and over again.

24. Nature Journal

When kids love to explore the outdoors, learning to write about what we love and see can help foster stronger communication skills, observation skills, and learning to truly be in the moment.  Gift a notebook and some colored pencils so they can write and draw about all of the amazing things they are discovering outside!

Bonus: Include some pre-written prompts to help get their minds going.

Non-Candy Easter Basket Gifts to Get Kids Thinking

While kids' minds are always going, as parents we want to harness that power and help them channel it in productive ways. Gifting toys and activities that double as brain teasers are a great option for this. Create space for fun while also helping to bring forth new ways of thinking.

25. Puzzles

Start off young with wooden puzzles that enhance their motor skills. As they develop more, increase the number of pieces to offer a new challenge each time.

26. Sudoku Book

It's basically tic-tac-toe for numbers, or at least that's how these kids we know describe it. Sudoku will not only challenge their mentally abilities, but also keep the kids entertained. Most Sudoku books start with simple puzzles and increase the difficulty as the book goes on, so they are great options whether or not the Easter basket is for a seasoned Sudoku pro or a newbie.

27. Etch-a-Sketch

One of the coolest non-candy Easter gifts around, Etch-a-Sketch is a forever classic. Take it on the road, race to see who can draw something first or even purchase interchangeable overlays for it. Did you know you could get things like mazes, travel games or action packed fun screens and more for Etch-a-sketches? Because it was a surprise to us.  

28. Card Games

Card games are a fun gift for the whole family. Uno, tonk, spades, you name it a deck of cards can probably play it. Gift a few card games in Easter baskets and plan some family game nights to gather everyone around the table together.

29. Magnet Tiles

Build castles into the sky, just to knock them all down. Magnet Tiles are such a fun toy to add to the baskets. Available with different themes, they can (and will) be used by kids for years.

30. Activity Books

Coloring books, crossword puzzles, paint by sticker books, and even mazed and guessing games can all be found in activity books. Which is what makes them something great that you can give for Easter besides chocolate.

What Candy-Free Goodies Do You Give Your Children?

From this list alone, we can see that there are many fun and creative options for Easter basket ideas other than candy. And while this may not be an extensive list, the hope is to give you plenty to go off of.

Remember,  no matter the size of the basket, or the amount of gifts in it. The point of Easter is to spend quality time with family and have fun. Kids will remember these special moments more than the toys they received.

What are your favorites? Are you a fan of practical gifts like clothes and snacks? Or are you more drawn to gift ideas that encourage learning and play?