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How to Keep Your Kids Warm on Halloween

If you live in place with varying seasons, Halloween weather can be a toss up. Growing up in the Northeast I can can tell you there was all kinds of trick-or-treating weather. I can remember one year in particular when it was freezing cold, and I wore a hooded sweatshirt underneath my Dracula costume. If you looked at me quickly I could have been mistaken as a boxer, with my "bloody" mouth and my big gray sweats. You can’t control the weather, but you can be ready for anything. Here’s how to prepare to keep your kids warm and comfy on Halloween.

Choose a costume you can add layers to. Luckily, most kids costumes are easy to add layers to. You just have to watch out for the costumes that have skin tight elements, or are just a bit too snug in places.

Buy it a size up. It won’t hurt to buy something that is a size bigger than their normal clothes. This will help to make sure they are comfortable not matter the weather. It’ll be loose if it’s too warm, and layered if it’s cold.

Have leggings, tank tops, and undershirts ready. Layers don’t have to be bulky. Starting with a tank top or simple undershirt can add some significant warmth. If you have a few lighter layers, your child can take them off as they get moving and warm up. The last thing you want to do is what I did when I was a kid. Add a bulky sweatshirt, wait until I start sweating profusely, take it off, and then freeze because I was covered in sweat.

Bring a warm beverage. A thermos full of hot cocoa or even warm soup can do wonders when it’s chilly. That warmth will hit their belly and warm them up from the inside out.

Keep them moving. This won’t be hard to do. Your kids will probably be moving fast in an attempt to collect as much candy as possible. But if they seem to be doing a lot of waiting around, be aware that they could be getting chilly fast.

By Stacey.