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Fight the Fidgets - Don't Let Bad Underwear Cause Fidgety Kids

Kids fidget. And squirm. For lots of reasons. Sometimes it’s just their natural energy needing to be released. Sometimes fidgeting can even aid learning for kids with adhd. But a major cause of squirmy, fidgety kids is what we call Bad Underwear. What is Bad Underwear? Bad fit, bad fabric, bad seams, bad labels - all of it. It's uncomfortable, and a common source of fidgety kids.

What happens to fidgety kids who wear Bad Underwear?

Bad Underwear causes major embarrassment.

Some kids dread carpet time. They have to sit criss cross applesauce on the floor in rows with their butt hanging out because their undies have slide down, taking their pants with them. They're constantly fidgeting and adjusting their clothes. Kids make fun of them. How can they focus on phonics with that going on? Underwear that fits properly should stay put and cover what it's designed to cover.

Some kids don't even realize they have a problem! Trust me, you don’t want your child to be the one with plumber butt.

Fidgety kids can struggle on the playground.

We dare you to try hanging by your knees from the jungle gym bars with a scratchy underwear tag poking you! Kids deserve tag free underwear that doesn't itch and irritate.

Kids who fidget lose at soccer.

How many goals have been missed because a player had to stop and fix a wedgie? We don’t know, but one is too many! Underwear that fits stays in place even during sports. It doesn't bunch up, ride up, slide down, or bind. That's Bad Underwear, people.

Kids in Bad Underwear are late for school.

The dress-time struggle is real, people. Who wants to put on clothes that are going to itch and irritate all day long? No one, that’s who. Make sure your morning tantrums are not caused by Bad Underwear with rough fabric.

Uncomfortable kids slow you down at the grocery store.

Uncomfortable kids are cranky kids – and cranky kids are a shopping nightmare. Make sure your kids aren’t cranky because their Bad Underwear seams are scratchy.

Squirmy kids can't do their homework.

Sure, there are a million reasons kids don’t or won’t do homework. But you know how it feels at the end of the day wearing an underwire bra? You just want to rip it off and be free, right? Well, how can we expect our kids to concentrate on their math homework - which we can't even help with because it's sooooo different than the math we learned - when they've had it with the elastic band on their undies? That's right, we can't. Make sure Bad Underwear isn't the cause of your end-of-day homework hell.

We could keep going, but you get the idea! No kid should fidget because their clothes are bugging them. Fight the fidget! Banish Bad Underwear from your child's life. Buy your kids underwear that fits and is made well from lush fabrics. Just like you buy for yourself.