Tips for Improving the Fit of Your Child’s Underwear

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Getting your kid to wear their underwear can be a nightmare. First, the underwear isn’t well fitting. Next, your child is pulling and digging around in their pants, trying to find the tag or embellishments that are causing them grief. Finally, your daughter or son refuses to wear underwear because the fabric is scratchy or stiff. In the end, you are left with a drawer full of underwear that are the wrong size, shape, color, and fabric after endless trips to the store. Rather than grabbing the first pack of children’s underwear you see when you are picking up a gallon of organic milk, it’s time to find a company and brand of children’s underwear that you can depend on. Here are five tips you can use for improving your child’s underwear fit.

Size Charts—Use Them

One of the first issues kids have with their underwear is that they simply do not fit. Too tight in the waist, too loose in the bottom area. There is a wide range of size variation between brands, as well. The next time you search for a pair of organic underwear 6T, for example, check out the size chart of the brand you are going to buy. For instance, the Lucky & Me size chart for underwear size 6T states this is for a child who has a 21-inch waist and 24-inch hips. Rather than guessing the size based solely on the size of jeans or shorts your child wears, which will vary in size from your child’s underwear, measure your child for fit. Then, determine the appropriate size of their underwear via a size chart specifically for children’s organic underwear and sleepwear.

Demand to Have a Return Policy

If you cannot return your child’s underwear that are the wrong size, then you should purchase from a different company. After all, just as with adult underwear, fit can vary depending on the brand name. Look for a company, such as Lucky & Me, that offers a return and exchange policy to ensure you are purchasing organic sleepwear and underwear for your child that fits.

Bottoms Fit for the Occasion

Kids wear many different hats, from ballerina to baseball player to tea party play date to soccer star. They should have organic kids’ underwear that fits for these occasions. While girls’ bikini style and boys’ boxer briefs are appropriate for everyday wear, some girls might find that boy shorts are perfect for lounging during a summer night sleepover. Under shorts for girls, such as the Lucky & Me Jada Girls’ Bike Shorts collection, are perfect for sporting under dresses and skirts for girls who like to look fancy while getting their feet dirty. Capri leggings add a touch of style beneath a tunic, as well as providing a comfortable fit for girls on the go. Choose styles of bottoms for your child’s organic sleepwear and underwear to ensure they have the perfect fit for every situation.

Use a Reputable Brand and Company

You wouldn’t choose a black market brand of underwear for your children, yet many parents purchase chemically saturated, poisonous under shorts and sleepwear for their kids every single day. Avoid buying children’s underwear from companies that care only about their bottom line. The last thing they are going to worry about is whether your kids’ underwear and sleepwear fits appropriately. Look for a brand and company of children’s underwear that cares for children. This will save you tons of time on dealing with underwear that is ill fitting and downright dangerous for your child’s skin.

Check Out Customer Reviews

A final tip is to go online and view the reviews from companies who sell children’s organic underwear. For example, Lucky & Me includes reviews of products alongside the underwear and sleepwear collections that are for sale. This allows you to see what other moms and grandmothers like you are saying about the underwear, under shorts or sleepwear you are about to purchase. Use these reviews to help you make the best decisions regarding fit of your child’s organic underwear.

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