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Halloween Decisions

My husband says Halloween is the best holiday. You don’t have to buy any gifts and everyone has fun. But I find that Halloween is very complicated– at least with a child in the house. Other holidays fall into one of two categories: Either they are religious, and have rituals which define the day andRead more »

Frozen Revisited

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve written about the movie Frozen twice. In my first post about this phenomenally successful Disney movie, I talked about its powerful message of two sisters who love and protect each other. A week later, I wrote about Frozen’s influence on boys. Now Mayim Bialik, actress (Blossom, Big Bang Theory),Read more »

Mopeds and Mermaids

At the end of my driveway are seven girls ranging in age from 5 to 12. Four of them are sitting on miniature electric scooters, mopeds really. Three scooters are pink, one is purple. The other girls, including my daughter, who is “almost ten,” do not have scooters. This is causing a big problem in my house. TheRead more »

The Good (And Bad) Story of Frozen

“I love the sparkle dress!” That’s what a 5-year-old girl we know said is her favorite thing about the movie Frozen, Disney’s extraordinarily successful (critically, and at the box office) latest princess movie. When I told my daughter I was writing about Frozen, she said, “Make sure you say it’s awesome!” How could I not? ThisRead more »