Dress Your Daughter in Summer Style with Comfortable Under Shorts

Lucky & Me Jada Bike Shorts for Girls

It’s that time of year when all we can do is dream of sunny days and fill our minds with warm thoughts. As you determine what pieces to add to your child’s closet for summer, consider adding stylish under shorts to the mix. The latest kids’ fashion trends for spring/summer 2015 include plenty of dresses and layered ensembles. From Kate Spade New York collection featuring the girls’ Jillian dress which is perfect for twirling, tumbling and everything in between. Prepare your daughter for a day out without distress by including an age appropriate pair of comfortable under shorts in her collection.

Little Girl Shorts for Under Dresses

When it comes to dresses, the best form of privacy control is in a good pair of under shorts. Little girl shorts to wear under dresses allows your child to wear her dresses all summer long, while still being able to slide down slides, flip on the monkey bars and ride her bicycle without any discomfort. While long leggings are perfect for wearing in the fall and winter, no little girl wants to sweat to death in leggings during the summer. Give her a compromise by supporting her active lifestyle with the addition of soft, cotton-blended under shorts to her clothing collection.

Color Ideas

How do you choose the right color and style of organic under shorts for your little girl to wear under dresses? Start by Jada Bike Shorts - Infographic - Lucky & Meselecting basic colors that scream “Summer,” such as vivid hot pink. Next, toss in a color that is going to offset her typical girly dress hues of pink, yellow and orange. Your best bet is to include a pair of turquoise blue under shorts for girls into her under shorts collection. Of course every outfit works well with white, so go ahead and add a pair of cotton under shorts for girls in white to round out the summer outfit sets.

Wish you could find all three colors in one amazing style that is both high quality and affordable? Here at Lucky & Me we have the Jada Girls Bike Shorts collection, which features a pack of three different colors of our most popular under shorts for girls. You will receive a pair of hot pink, turquoise and white under shorts ready for your daughter’s summer dress debut. The Jada Bike Shorts can be layered or worn on their own with a t-shirt– perfect for the beach or pool over a swimsuit.

Style Tips

Wearing under shorts with dresses is a breeze when you find a great style of under shorts. For example, under shorts for girls featuring stretchy lace will give your daughter’s outfit a sweet little touch as the lace peeks out from under the hem of her skirt or dress. When shopping for girls’ dresses online look for dresses that will coordinate with the under shorts, as well:

  • Choose dresses that sit at or around knee length if seeing the well made under shorts is a style option
  • Go with midi or full length dresses, which are also in style for summer 2015 for girls. Wearing under shorts under longer dresses only adds to the comfort level of your active daughter.

Comfort in Under Shorts

While style and modesty are key factors in choosing under shorts for girls for the summer months, comfort is just as important. By adding under shorts to your little girl’s dressy outfits you ensure that she can reduce the amount of sweat and moisture that she experiences when playing outside on hot and humid summer days. Choose materials, such as the super soft tri-blend cotton of the Jada collection, for your little one’s under shorts. This super soft breathable material helps to keep your little lady comfy and free of irritation or rash due to sweaty body parts.

To find out more about the benefits of choosing under shorts for your daughter’s summer dress ensembles, check out Lucky & Me’s underwear bottoms collections. Don’t forget to pack a set for your vacay or summer camp!




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