Summer Camp Guide: What you Need to Pack

Summer Camp Guide from lucky and me

Can you believe that it’s almost the end of the school-year? We can’t either! With so many kids going off to camp, we wanted to share a list of some essentials, including a few selections from our line that we think you and your kids will love! Happy packing!

Summer Camp Guide

Sunscreen: While it’s awesome that your child will be out and about in the sun all day, you also want to ensure that they are covered up from head-to-toe. Opt for one of the bigger bottles for ultimate coverage. You’ll also want to include some sunglasses and a sun hat for additional protection.

summer camp guide with lucky and me jade biker shorts

Swing on in comfort this summer!

Clothing: The amount you actually pack will depend on how long your child will be away, but there are some essentials that we are pretty sure that they will need. Since they are bound to be active, and likely messy, you’ll want to make sure that they have comfortable and durable clothing that’s easily washable. For girls, we suggest our new Hannah Girls Tunic Top and our colorful (and super soft!) Jada Girls Bike Shorts. For boys, make sure that there basics are covered with our Logan Classic Tee Shirt. Made of a tri-cotton blend, this lightweight tee will be the perfect fit for your little dude, without feeling too tight! And don’t forget the socks! Check out our Sonya Girls Socks, our latest product featuring a collection of super fun and bright colors.

summer camp guide with lucky and me

Happiness really is comfortable underwear!

Underwear: A basic that you don’t want to forget for camp! We are partial to comfortable undies that don’t tug or annoy our kiddos, like our 6-pack Ava Girls Bikini. With a tri-blend cotton fabric, this blend is super comfortable, making them ideal for their active play during camp without having to deal with any bunching or scrunching. Pair this with our Ava Girls Camisole and they will be set for one comfy summer! For boys, try out our Lucas Organic Cotton Briefs, a 3-pack of undies that are made of 100% organic cotton. Offering the ultimate in comfort, these briefs also feature a functional fly and are tagless for itch-free wear!

Bug Spray: One aspect of camping that can be really annoying for your kids are all of the bugs! But as you know, bugs, like ticks, aren’t just annoying, they can cause lyme disease. Be sure to have a safe spray on-hand that’s easy for everyday use.

Toiletries: Sleep-away camp means that you won’t be there to remind them to brush their teeth, so make sure they have everything they need for their day/night routines. This include: face wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, a brush, shampoo, conditioner, any medications, to name a few.

Sleeping Bag/Pillow: Comforts from home are always a good idea when your child goes to camp. Make sure they have their favorite pillow (with extra pillowcases), sheets, and a warm, comfortable sleeping bag for those colder nights.

Swimsuits: One of the best parts about sleep-away camp is all of the swimming that your child will be enjoying. Pack at least 4-6 suits, depending on the length of his or her camp. They will also need a swimming cap, some towels and goggles.

Shoes: Just like the different types of clothing you will need, you’ll also need to pack a variety of shoes. Some basics for camp include flip flops, sneakers and water shoes.

Happy Summer!

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