Why Your Kid Hates Wearing Underwear

kid hates wearing underwear

If your kid hates wearing underwear, the mornings can be really tough! While you fight with your kid to put their underwear on, it might seem as though this is just another quirk you have to deal with. Sort of like how they need the blue sippy cup rather than the red one at dinner or they won’t deal. While it can be tough to deal with, your child may not just be searching for a reason to throw another tantrum. The real problem might be that their underwear is causing them to itch, bunches up or is just plain uncomfortable. Thankfully, this is a quick fix! To help you out, we’ve included a few reasons why your child might hate wearing underwear, plus some solutions featuring a few of our comfy basics.

4 Reasons Why Your Kids Hate Underwear

1. Wedgies

If the fit isn’t right anywhere, wedgies can happen. If your kid’s underwear is too big or too tight, your child may find that they are pulling on it all day long. Since no one wants to deal with wedgies, we suggest having your children wear underwear that’s made of breathable, lightweight fabrics as well as finding underwear that fits.

2. Scratchy fabric

Most underwear is made out of fabric that’s simply not soft. After just a few washes it can start to feel like sandpaper. This is not a good feeling for our kids.

3. Too-tight or too loose elastic band

Either one is cause for disaster. When it’s too tight, they dig in at the waist and a child can get those red indentations that sting on their skin. When it’s too loose, the underwear starts to droop underneath their clothing.

4. Chemical residue can irritate their skin

There are A LOT of chemicals in traditional cotton clothing. In fact, 25% of all agrochemicals are used in processing traditional cotton, while cotton only accounts for 3% of crops. These chemicals leave behind a residue that can irritate a child’s sensitive skin.

When you walk into an adult underwear section in a department store, everything is soft. But for some reason, with kids undies, the characters and themes have become more important than softness and comfort. The result is a bunch of kids that hate wearing underwear. At Lucky & Me, we’d like to change that. Which is why we prioritize comfort and fit for every product we sell. Our products are made using the softest fabrics with soft and plush back elastic for extra comfort. We’re happy to say that our customers are really noticing the difference.

Check out this real review from a mom who purchased a set of our Ava Bikini Underwear, and it’s a story we hear time and time again from moms and dads all over the place.

Ava Bikini

It’s all about the details!

“I wish I would’ve found these panties two years ago then I would’ve saved myself from the ear splitting crying fits in the early mornings. The whining saying her panties don’t fit. The embarrassing tugging and pulling of a constant wedgie or camel toe that a five year old just shouldn’t suffer from! These panties were sent from Heaven. They are extremely soft and fit perfectly. No more tugging. No more crying. Our mornings are much more brighter! Thank you Lucky and Me! You saved me from being admitted into a mental asylum before the school year ends!”

Moms of boys are seeing the difference too! Here’s a review of our Liam Boxer Briefs:

Liam boys boxer briefs

“Absolutely awesome! My son has sensitive skin and gets rashes from other brands of underwear. I bought these (I got the Liam boys boxer 3pk in size 2/3) to try and his rashes stopped. I got rid of his Hanes and Fruit of the Loom underwear and bought 3 more 3 pks! His Lucky & Me’s are so soft- even the waist band, they don’t stretch out, they don’t leave elastic marks, and fit so well he doesn’t even realize they are there. Not to mention they make his cute lil butt look even cuter!”

When parents share these stories, we hope that other parents understand that bad undies can be a real problem for kids. Be sure to avert your daily underwear crisis and get something that’s comfy!

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