Hobbies Guide for Kids

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By now, your kids are probably back in the swing of things with school. While we love summer, we also appreciate having a routine for our kids, filled with learning and time with friends. Another part of this time is enjoying after-school activities and hobbies where your kids can take everything from dance classes to karate to music (and more!). Hobbies are a wonderful way for your child to tap into something outside of their normal realm of learning as they learn new skills, meet new people, and have fun! Read on to check out a few of our suggestions for extracurriculars in our hobbies guide.

Extracurriculars and Hobbies for Kids

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  1. Dance: A great way for your little one to learn more about movement through an organized class. This can start as young as two where typical dance studios offer ballet, tap, jazz and/or hip hop. For comfortable basics when your kids move and groove, be sure to check out our Ella Girls Tank Top and Ella Girls Dance Shorts.We offer tons of cool colors in this stretchy line that will ensure the best in comfort for your child.
  2. Gymnastics: Another favorite for movement, gymnastics is a great extracurricular for movement, flexibility, and strength. You’ll also need basics, like our Ella Girls line, for the ultimate in comfort thanks to its ultra stretchy fabric.
  3. Sports: There are tons of sporting options for both boys and girls. Obviously, you want to find the best match for your child, which sometimes takes some trail and error through different experiences. Some that are popular for younger kids are generally soccer, and softball; whereas football, baseball, hockey, and basketball are typically better suited for older kids. Swimming is another option that can work for a variety of ages.
  4. Karate: A fun physical activity for kids of all ages, karate can also allow your kids to tap into their mental and inner strength.
  5. Acting: A fun option for your budding Thespian, they can learn the art of telling a story through dialogue. Many acting programs for kids also feature improv, focusing on helping them react and think quickly.
  6. Arts: A fantastic way for kids to express themselves, the arts includes tons of categories for your kids to explore. Some popular arts programs include pottery, painting, drawing, sewing, collage, mixed media, and more.
  7. Music: A fun activity for kids of all ages, music is a great way for your kids to learn everything from reading music, tone, rhythm and more! Some popular options for kids include guitar, signing, piano, violin, and more!

What are extracurriculars/hobbies are your kids are into?

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