A Guide to Girls Underwear Styles and Fits

girls underwear styles

Why are there so many varieties of girls underwear styles? Kids come in all shapes and sizes, and their underwear should too! Some girls feel comfy in a bikini cut, while others may like boy shorts. Our goal is for kids to feel so comfy in our underwear, that they don’t have to think about it. When they’re comfy, they can focus on what they should be—playing and being a kid!

Briefs are a classic underwear cut. They sit higher on the hip than bikinis, and have full coverage. These are very comfy, but don’t work well if your bottoms are low-rise.

Bikini underwear are the most popular style for both girls and women. The bikini cut is similar to a brief, but the waistband falls a bit lower on the hip.

Hipster underwear has a low rise fit with moderate coverage in the front and back. Also called hip-huggers, they are perfect for low-rise pants or shorts
Mia Hipster

Boy shorts have plenty of coverage but they also sit low on the waist. This more modern style is comfy for every day wear, and also can be paired with a tank for lounging around the house.
Kelly Boy Shorts

Undershorts give little girls complete coverage and are perfect for them to wear underneath shorts and skirts. They have a shorter inseam than bike shorts, so are always meant to go underneath something.
Leah Undershorts

Bike shorts can be worn underneath skirts and dresses, or even on their own. Also called playground shorts, they generally cover all the way down to the knee. They’re also a great option for underneath school uniform skirts.
Jada Bike Shorts

Just like bike shorts, leggings can be fashionable underneath a dress or a skirt or worn completely on their own. They fit snugly and cover all the way below the knee. You can wear leggings that go all the way to the ankle, or capri leggings, which are a bit shorter.
Capri Leggings

A camisole is a tank top undergarment. It’s generally comfy and loose fitting (but not baggy) with thin straps that are also known as “spaghetti straps.” Camisoles are great for underneath tops that are sheer or missing some coverage.
Ava Camisole

The term racerback comes from a women’s swimsuit design and is now used in other similarly shaped garments. A racerback tank has is T-shaped, so the straps combine into one un between the shoulder blades. Our racerback tank goes great with our boy shorts for underwear or casual wear around the house.
Kelly Racerback

A tank is a top with no sleeves or collar but that has wide straps. It looks similar to a racerback from the front, but in the back, there is no T-shape.
Mia Tank

There are plenty of options when it comes to girls underwear styles, so choose wisely. The most important aspect of whichever types of undies you choose for your daughter should be that they are comfortable.

Jada Bike Shorts

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