Green Spring Cleaning Tips

Green Spring Cleaning Tips and Advice for Families

April brings a lot of excited in the air. With the warmer weather comes an opportunity to start fresh, renew, and get ready for a fun summer. One of the not so fun parts of spring is spring cleaning. As a time to declutter and pack away your winter essentials, one way you can clean up, without bringing chemicals into your home, is by incorporating green cleaning and partaking in new green practices. This can include purchasing and/or making safe products to purchasing consciously. Read on to check out a few of our favorite green spring cleaning tips below:

Green Spring Cleaning Tips

1. Make your own green cleaner: Cleaners don’t have to be complicated or loaded with chemicals. Check out this great post from Bren Did on the 15 All-Natural Cleaning Products that Actually Work, featuring ways to scrub, polish, clean and your refresh your house using lemons. Other simple cleaners that are great for the windows and the floors are white vinegar and water and tea tree oil and water for bathroom and kitchen mold. Baking soda and water is also a great scrub for those grimy areas. To get started, purchase a few recyclable water bottles and creation your mixtures using some recipes online. We’re sure that the kids will love to get involved with the mixing process!

2. Donate items that no longer fit: The kids grow up so fast! When there’s no one left to pass along items to, donate them to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, local church, etc. If your kids’ clothing is tattered or ripped, visit your local textile recycling plant to prevent your items from ending up in a landfill.

3. Rethink your laundry: If you can, leave your clothing out to dry on a clothing line. This will have them drying in the sunshine without having to waste energy using the dryer.

4. Have a new shoes policy: While this isn’t actually about cleaning, it does promote a greener home and prevents the grit and grime from our day acclimating around the house.

5.  Decorate with more plants: Not only a great way to make your home beautiful,  plants can naturally freshen up.

6. Practice reusing: Instead of instantly throwing things out during your cleaning session, work with your kids to see if you can resuse them in another way. This can be fun for art projects where you create cool projects from items that would almost be waste.

7. Use reusable cloths: With all of this cleaning, you’re going to need cloths for scrubbing and cleaning. Use reusable and washable ones instead of paper towels to save waste and one! These cloths can also be used for dusting and wipe

8. Switch up your products: In addition to cleaning, another way you can go green at home is to switch up the products that you use. This includes everything from the items in the bathroom and kitchen to the food that you eat to the clothing that you purchase. Even small changes can make a big impact.

What are some of your go-to green cleaning tips?


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  1. Elza Manning on

    Wonderful tips and thank you for sharing them with us! I will try them this year. I always try to donate clothes that I no longer use – a great way to declutter your wardrobe.


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