Frozen Revisited

Regular readers of this blog will know that I’ve written about the movie Frozen twice. In my first post about this phenomenally successful Disney movie, I talked about its powerful message of two sisters who love and protect each other. A week later, I wrote about Frozen’s influence on boys.

Now Mayim Bialik, actress (BlossomBig Bang Theory), author, and holder of a PhD in Neuroscience (!)  has declared her dislike for the movie Frozen in her blog post, Why My Sons and I Hate the Movie Frozen, for the Jewish parenting site kveller. Mayim fully expected to be criticized for hating the most popular animated movie ever. And she was right. Rosie O’Donnell blasted her on The View, saying she’s seen Frozen 250 times, and loves it “like the rest of America.”

Mayim has three reasons for hating Frozen. I don’t hate the movie, and in fact, found some things to love (great music, humorous characters, strong females with a sisterly bond), but we are on the same page regarding these three things:

  1. Plot: I agree with Mayim that most of the kids in the target audience age group are way too young to be thinking about/worrying about finding a mate.
  2. Male Bashing: Yes, it’s unfortunate that the prince/hero is untrustworthy and I do worry about the message this sends to boys.
  3. Women as Dolls: I hate this, too! In my post The Good (and Bad) Story of Frozen, I write about the effect of these hyper-feminized doll-like figures on girls– especially girls who are not blond, with perfect skin and symmetrical features.

I have not seen the movie 250 times, but I have heard Let It Go about a thousand times – and I’m convinced that my 10-year-old daughter loves the movie for all the “right” reasons. Her favorite character is Olaf, the Snowman and her favorite scene is Olaf singing In Summer

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