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Is there any better parenting experience than curling up in bed with a child and reading a bedtime story? The child is usually all squeaky clean from a bath, her hair slightly damp, smelling of baby shampoo. She puts on a soft, cozy pair of cotton jammies, and usually asks to be read the same story you’ve read a hundred times. Maybe it’s Goodnight Moon, with its wonderful rhythms and simple, but detailed, drawings. Read these words aloud; they can’t be rushed: “In the great green room/ There was a telephone/ And a red balloon.” They invite a slow tempo, perfect for lulling a child to sleep after a busy day.

Putting on pajamas signals that it is time for winding down from the busy day and getting ready to sleep. Pajamas have long been a symbol of security, safety, coziness, warmth, and calm. After I graduated from college, I spent a year teaching English in China. The heat in our dormitory was only on in the early morning for getting ready for school and the early evening, for studying. This meant that during the bitter Beijing winter, our rooms were freezing cold when we were trying to sleep. I was away from home for the first time, and longed for my family and the comforts I’d left behind. I begged my mom to send me some warm pajamas and when the package arrived, I found an adult-sized, one-piece sleeper of a fuzzy, warm fabric. I don’t know where she found it, but that bright pink onesie was the most comfortable, comforting article of clothing I have ever owned!

During the school year we require our daughter to do her homework right after school. Otherwise, she is too tired to focus effectively on reading, spelling, and math drills. We’ve told her that school is her “job” and that learning the Three Rs is vital to her success in life. For the most part, she applies herself diligently to these tasks both at school and at home. I meet the bus at 3:30pm, she chats with some friends on the walk home, and then gets right down to business. While eating a snack, she rattles off her spelling words, works on her math worksheet, and then reads out loud for 15 minutes.

As soon as she’s finished all her work, she runs up the stairs, tears off her school clothes, and puts on a comfy pair of pajamas. Her favorite pair used to be from Justice: a cat-print top and pant set in slick, flame-resistant polyester. But lately her favorites have been knit pajamas in 100% cotton. When she is wearing these comfy jammies, it’s a clear signal to us that she is done with the “work” part of her day and we should not attempt to get her to practice another spelling word or calculate another math problem. Pajama-time is for relaxing, singing songs, playing games, and yes, even watching television. Now that it’s Daylight Savings Time, the sun sets by 4:30pm where we live. That means there is usually no time for playing outside with friends during the week. Often a friend will ring the doorbell around 5:00pm and ask to play. Fitted cotton PJs are just close enough to “real” clothes to be acceptable for playing inside with friends. She’ll invite her friend in and they will play until dinnertime.

It can be difficult to find 100%-cotton pajamas for kids due to the flammability requirements for children’s sleepwear. I wrote about this recently– cotton pajamas must be snug, and sometimes snug pajamas aren’t comfortable. That’s why we love the new 100%-organic-cotton Madison Pajamas from Lucky & Me. The soft and cozy organic cotton is the perfect comfort fabric and there are no labels to scratch or itch sensitive skin. Lucky & Me pajamas are made to fit snugly and the flat seams ensure they remain comfortable all night long. The iconic stripe pattern comes in three color choices: Ruby & Evergreen, Fuchsia & Grape, and Teal & Pumpkin. Our favorite combo is Teal & Pumpkin. You can even have them personalized with your daughter’s name!


Madison 100% Organic Cotton Snug Fit Pajama Set Personalize Monogram


I’m sure one of these choices will be your daughter’s favorite as well. They are the perfect jammies to provide a comfortable night’s sleep for your girl, and they’re a perfect fit for the wind down time between homework and bedtime stories. Lucky & Me’s new 100%-organic-cotton pajamas are perfect for all your child’s relaxation activities, whether she likes to unwind with a book, watch a movie, have a conversation, or put on after a nice bath. Just putting on such a cozy, comfortable pair of pajamas will signal your child that it’s time to unwind and get ready for sleep.

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