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Best Quality Underwear for Kids


Searching for the best kids’ underwear is a challenge. Quality underwear should be soft, and fit well, and durable enough to last through many wash and wear cycles. Why is it so hard to find underwear for our children that does all this? What is the Best Quality? The best quality kids’ underwear scores highRead more »

Best Christmas Movies to Distract Your Kids

We have officially entered the busiest time of year for most of us! No matter what or how we celebrate, the holidays are a time for hosting parties, baking, shopping the sales, sprucing up the house, and maybe even a visit from our in-laws. And short of hiring a babysitter to entertain the kids, howRead more »

Halloween Safety Tips: Keep Kids Safe


Halloween – what could be more fun than a holiday where kids get to dress up in fanciful costumes and wander outside, at night, with their friends, collecting delicious candy treats! Parents beware, though. Being out and about on the streets at dark can put kids at risk. Check out these Halloween Safety Tips toRead more »

Vaping Facts – What All Parents Need to Know


Are you concerned about the dangers of vaping? It is time to start paying attention. Even if your kids are still in elementary school. Because the number of middle school kids who have tried vaping is growing. Because some vaping products are even aimed at young teens. And because as I write this, vaping isRead more »

Why Buy Organic Cotton Children’s Underwear?


Do you ponder the benefits of organic cotton for your children’s underwear? You know the claims. Organic cotton is higher quality and more pure than conventional cotton. It’s grown without the use of harmful pesticides and herbicides. It’s just plain better for your kids. And the natural growing methods of organic cotton are good forRead more »

Spandex in Kids’ Clothing?


There are so many benefits to using spandex in kids’ clothing that I almost don’t know where to start. Spandex moves and stretches, recovers its shape, is easy to wash, and very fast-drying. No wonder 80% of clothing in the US has some spandex. From underwear to swimwear, spandex makes our apparel fit and functionRead more »

Eye Safety Tips for Kids


Eye Safety Tips For Kids How often do you think about protecting your kids’ eyes? It’s summertime! We slather our kids with sunscreen, make them wear helmets when biking, and watch them like hawks when they’re swimming. We search out summer safety tips to ensure our children’s health and safety. And yet, every day IRead more »

Safe Color for Kids’ Clothes

dyes mixing with water

A World Without Color Can you imagine a world without color? There would be no blue sky, or green trees. No luscious red apples, or yellow lemons. All our clothing would be drab and dull. I imagine everything and everyone would look like an old black and white film – just shades of black andRead more »