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Send Your Child to School in Style and Comfort with New Undies

Happy School Children

The dog days of summer are here, vacation is almost over, and school bells are on the distant horizon. That’s right, it’s time for school to be back in session. This year, as you check off your child’s school supply list for pencils and new shoes, don’t forget the clothing that goes unseen–your child’s undies.Read more »

Layering Starts with Underwear

It’s only September and this morning, the temperature was 39! As I woke up my daughter, I reminded her it would be cold today and that she should dress warmly. “I know,” she said, as she wiped the sleepiness from her eyes. She jumped in the shower while I heated up some leftovers for herRead more »

Bike Shorts for Back to School

I used to ride my bike every day. I’d go out every nice morning before work and just ride for miles, clearing my head in anticipation of the day ahead. I hosted bike parties on the weekend; several friends would come over in the morning, we’d ride 20 or 30 miles through the bucolic townsRead more »

Back-To-School Shopping

As you know, my family spent July cramming summer into a month because our daughter recently had surgery. I’m happy to report everything went fine and she is recuperating well. As expected, her physical activities are limited for the next few months. There will be no swimming, no Slip-n-Slide, no biking, no scootering, and there shouldn’t be anyRead more »

10 Reasons Girls Love Leggings!

Leggings are so comfy! The fabric is soft and smooth and it stretches. Girls wear leggings under skirts so they can do cartwheels and somersaults without showing off their underwear. Leggings are warm…and great for layering! Leggings come in lots of fun colors! Leggings pull down and pull up so easily, making bathroom breaks easy peasy!Read more »

Back-to-School Layering!

Can you believe it is already time for back-to-school planning and shopping? Every year my family has a reunion at Seneca Lake over the 4th of July holiday and once we return home, the hot, hazy days melt one into another. Before I know it, the calendar says August and I feel like I’m runningRead more »