Boys Need Comfort, Too!


Just because your sons pretend they are superheroes, doesn’t mean they need to have their favorite hero printed on their bum. Let’s face it – those scratchy underoos sag after several washes, don’t hug or contour boys’ bottoms and they are tacky under those nice khakis!

The wait is almost over! We are just about ready to debut our Lucky & Me boys underwear collection. We’ve been very fickle on the design and fabric of these two styles so it is taking a bit longer to put them in your hands. But this month, watch out for them as you will finally have the ideal pair of boys underwear– You can finally stop searching.

Here is a glimpse of what to expect:

  • Two styles: Lucas Briefs (do not cover thighs) & Ethan Boxers (length is perfect for longer shorts/pants)
  • Double layer at the front for better protection and durability
  • Contrast cross-stitching
  • Super-soft waistband

Now that is underwear! Your sons will look and feel so happy running around in his underwear and cap. Plus, he now has options like his dad does without breaking the piggybank for the designer name-brand. After all, he is a preschooler and potty training isn’t over yet! Why not allow him to feel soft and comfy briefs on his adorable bottom during this trying time?

We can wait to launch the Lucky & Me boys collection in June and we look forward to your feedback!


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