Layering Kids Clothing for Fall

back to school clothing

Layering kids clothing doesn’t have to be just for the winter. Living in the Northeast, the changing of the seasons can be exciting. You can get some clothes out of storage, buy new outfits, and generally just enjoy the change in the air. In the fall, I love the feeling I get when the humidityRead more »

Why I Don’t Use Soap During My Kids’ Bath Time

don't use soap during bath time

After my oldest son was born, it was apparent pretty quickly that regular baby soap irritated his skin. He got dry patches of eczema soon after he started getting baths, even when the baths were infrequent. We switched to using a baby soap/shampoo that was designed for kids with sensitive skin. It was better butRead more »

A Guide to Girls Underwear Styles and Fits

girls underwear styles

Why are there so many varieties of girls underwear styles? Kids come in all shapes and sizes, and their underwear should too! Some girls feel comfy in a bikini cut, while others may like boy shorts. Our goal is for kids to feel so comfy in our underwear, that they don’t have to think aboutRead more »

7 Reasons Why All Kids Should Dance

kids should dance

It’s obvious that your kids like to move. They’re creative and they like to have fun. Dancing for them is a no-brainer. But there are many more benefits that come with dancing that you may not even have thought about. Here are just 7 reasons why all kids should dance. It burns off some ofRead more »

Why Organic Cotton is The Best Choice for Our Kids

Organic Cotton

Did you know that cotton crops use 25% of all agro chemicals and 10% of the world’s fertilizers? For using so many chemicals, it’s even more surprising when you find out that cotton only accounts for 3% of the world’s agricultural crops. All those chemicals cause problems throughout the cotton production process. There are reportsRead more »