Enter Lucky The Fish’s Liam Boxer Brief Giveaway!

Lucky the Fish wants your little man to wear his red, white, and blue this Independence Day! Enter to win a three-pack of our newest, comfiest Liam boys’ boxer briefs. The offer is worth $24 and ends July 3, 2014. To enter, simply follow the steps below: a Rafflecopter giveaway Your little man will love runningRead more »

Choosing the Best Diapers

When did diapers become so complicated? When my first child was in diapers, more than twenty years ago, there were two options. You could choose basic rectangular cotton cloth diapers, which required either sending out to a service or hours of laundry duty. Or, you could go with disposables– more expensive, but much easier and available in any colorRead more »

What is WRAP– And What Does It Mean for You, Clothing Brands, and Corporate Responsibility?

I’ve visited hundreds of factories in dozens of countries on multiple continents. I’ve seen factories at both ends of the spectrum: the best are highly modern, air-conditioned, state-of-the-art facilities with restaurant-quality cafeterias, banking services, on-site nurses and recreational facilities for the workers. The worst was a shed-like structure with holes in the roof where the onlyRead more »

What Makes a Real Mom, Anyway?

As the not-technically-adoptive guardian/mother of a 9-year-old girl (it’s a long story involving  several trips overseas, numerous court appearances, bedbugs and one rat bite), I am hypersensitive to the nuances of the term mother. Most of the time I am simply “Mom.”  Occasionally, I am “Mommy,” but always there is the shadow of the realRead more »

The Importance of Durability

As I do my fifth load of laundry of the day, I wonder how my mother survived three kids– potty training accidents, wet beds, two boys who liked to bring home tadpoles and watch them turn into frogs in the bathroom sink. One small girl can overwhelm me at times– sometimes it’s the ceaseless laundryRead more »

Every Little Bit Helps Save Mother Earth

As I contemplate both Earth Day and Arbor Day this week, I begin to wonder why we have these two holidays in the same week in April. A little online research reveals that Arbor Day is the older holiday, and the most pure and simple– the name says it all. Arbor Day was established toRead more »

The Boston Marathon and Resilience

Boston Marathon Bombings Love Boston

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings and it has been difficult to avoid the media coverage. Most of my news comes from the radio and I’ve had to turn it off a few times when I didn’t want my daughter to hear the details of who was killed, which survivors lostRead more »

The Problem with Frozen for Boys

Kristoff of Frozen

Boys love the movie Frozen, too. I’ve heard many stories of young boys who have seen the movie multiple times, can quote the funniest lines and sing the songs over and over. Given that Frozen just became the best-selling animated movie of all time– and is one of the top ten grossing films of any kind ever– it’sRead more »

The Good (And Bad) Story of Frozen

“I love the sparkle dress!” That’s what a 5-year-old girl we know said is her favorite thing about the movie Frozen, Disney’s extraordinarily successful (critically, and at the box office) latest princess movie. When I told my daughter I was writing about Frozen, she said, “Make sure you say it’s awesome!” How could I not? ThisRead more »

Easter– A Time for Rebirth

Easter makes me think of little girls in bonnets, flowers, colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies, and spring– a time when the earth renews itself. It’s the season of resurrection and rebirth and it’s so appropriate that it comes at a time in the year when, at least for those of us in the northeast, we areRead more »