Back to School Clothing Essentials For Girls

Back to School Shopping Guide: What You Need

When going shopping for back to school clothing, it’s easy to get distracted by all of the trendy pieces. You know: the clothes that your kids wear on the first day of school that don’t always stand the test of time. It’s almost like the moment you take the tags off, the timer starts ticking for when they are either out of style, stained, or just not the same after a few washes.

While those pieces may get kids excited to go to school and show their peers their style and personality, you should make sure that you don’t skip out on the every day essentials that serve as the base of the outfit–not to mention are comfortable, durable and build to last. They make everything else look much more polished and put together, and they never go out of style. Trust us: these “basics” are anything but as they offer your child pieces that can still show their style and personality just as much as a trendy top. To help you this season, we’re sharing six of our favorite back to school clothing essentials for girls that you can stock up on now with our current back to school sale.

Back to School Clothing Essentials For Girls

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1. Leggings

Worn under a tunic, skirt, or a dress, leggings can make any outfit cuter and comfier. They also make it possible to wear skirts and dresses all year long. Not only are they warmer than tights, they’re also a lot softer and way more comfortable. When you stock up on leggings with fun colors and designs, your little girl’s wardrobe will last a whole lot longer.

Jada Bike Shorts

2. Bike Shorts

Perfect for warm weather fun on the playground! Bike shorts provide comfort and coverage for underneath skirts and dresses, and are a great addition to their closet. If your school requires a uniform with a skirt, bike shorts will give her the freedom to run and play just like it should be.

ella girls tank tops back to school

3. Tank Tops

Layering tops is essential for school, especially when the weather is changing. When you have a collection of tank tops in your little girls closet, you don’t have to worry about any sheer or awkwardly cut tops. Our Ella Girls Tank Tops are also a great athleisure piece that can be worn at dance or gymnastics class, whose stretchy material will give your daughter the freedom to move and groove with ease.

Ava Camisole

4. Camisoles

If you live in a cooler climate, layering is essential when the seasons change. Cute camisoles in fun colors make it easy for little girls to layer their clothing and keep warm while they wait for the bus in the morning.

ava girls bikini underwear back to school

5. Underwear

A must-have, back to school time is a great time to stock up on a fresh collection. This includes underwear, like our Ava Cotton Bikini Underwear, that’s itch and tag-free and made of cotton for the ultimate in comfort.

Girls Sonya Socks - Bright

6. Socks

From running to play to walking around, your little one needs comfortable and soft socks to her through the day. Socks, like our Sonya Socks, are a great option as they are super soft and made of cotton, offering a balance of absorbency and comfort.

So, before you head straight for the trendy tops and dresses, stock up on these essentials first. Not only will they last longer, they will also provide her with the comfort that she needs.

Jada Bike Shorts

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